The City Is Alive In ‘CURB STOMP’ #2

Issue 2 takes place right where 1 left off. Derby has been captured by a rival gang and taken hostage and the rest of The Fever are trying to figure out how to get her back.

In this issue, we see The Fever plot to get Derby back but at the same time come up with a pretty amazing plan to shake their rivals in Newport up a bit. We learn that one of the girls is a traitor and Derby has a secret. We are also introduced to yet another gang that wants to get rid of The Fever but wants to go a different way about it. In the end, some things are said and done that will seemingly make the town of Old Beach turn against the people that are trying their best to protect them.


This issue, while not as entertaining as the first, did still manage to be plot heavy and still was just enough juice to keep me interested and wanting to pick up the next one. Again, the art style is so amazing it just constantly feels like i should be reading it in the way the movie The Warriors was made.

If by some chance this comic isn’t on your pull list then I highly suggest you change that because you’re missing out on some amazing girl gang action that demands to be read.

Curb Stomp #2
Published by Boom! Studios

Written by Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated by Devaki Neogi
Colors by Jeremy Lawson
Letters by Collin Bell
Cover by Devaki Neogi with colors by Neil Lalonde

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