STAR WARS REBELS Season One Finale Recap – “Fire Across the Galaxy”

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Holy moly. The Star Wars Rebels season one has just ended a little over an hour and a half ago and I’m still an emotional mess. What Star Wars Rebels managed to cram into the 22 minute time slot was nothing short of beautiful, amazing, and brilliant. Ever since seeing the trailer for Fire Across the Galaxy, we knew it’d be an emotionally packed episode, but trust me, it didn’t prepare you for what happened in any way. Questions we wanted answered in this episode: A.) Who is Fulcrum? Seriously, WHO?! B.) Who will “Fall”? After that trailer, that’s been the biggest question on everyone’s minds. After *insert character name* falls, literally, I thought that’s what the catchline meant. Thank goodness, I was wrong. Oh, yeah. Back to what happened. Questions answered: All of them! Yeah, this episode was jam packed. Let’s talk about it a bit more in-depth…

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

We start off the episode with an epic fight between some bucket heads and Sabine. Her goal: to blow up all the Tie Fighters! We see Sabine movie quick and fast, using her skill to the max. This opening already had my blood pumping, so, if you’ve seen the episode, you know that I was probably hyperventilating the rest of the episode. Sabine makes her escape via the Ghost while the Tie Fighters go off like fireworks… it’s a site to behold, that’s for sure.

The Rebels know that Kenan is being held upon Tarkin’s Star Destroyer and are coming up with ways to get closer. They devise a plan that could work, but need a ship small enough to get inside the docking bay. Wishing that they didn’t destroy all the Tie Fighters, we soon learn that the Tie Fighter Zeb and Ezra stole and “destroyed” episodes back, is still fully functioning and looking pretty damn cool thanks to Sabine and her skills. Seriously, I want that Tie Fighter. It’s freaking amazing.

They know this mission is dangerous and agree to help find Kenan no matter what the cost maybe. Back on the Star Destroyer, the Inquisitor is still trying his best to torture all the information he can out of Kenan. He wants to know more about Fulcrum and the larger order of Rebels, but Kenan refuses to give up any information because A.) He has no clue who or what Fulcrum is and B.) He would never give up any information that would harm his crew. I mean, this is Kenan we’re talking about. During this, the Inquisitor asks Kenan how he survived Order 66 and how his master died. This is crucial information for those of us that have only been introduced to Kenan during the Rebels pilot. This provides more backstory for his character and shows his weak side, if that’s what you’d call it.

Back to the Rebels. Ezra uses the Force and finally gets confirmation that Kenan is on the Star Destroyer and is alive. (Yay!) The Rebels soon send in Sabine’s Tie Fighter, which is filled to the brim with pulse detonators that knock out/blast everyone nearby. This is the distraction and will help the Rebels board the ship to help Kenan. (Yay again!)

Soon the Rebels are aboard the ship and finally start their hunt for Kenan… that is until the Empire sends a bunch of bucket heads to slow them down. Ezra then uses the vent system to find Kenan after sealing off the door that would lead the Rebels to him. Ezra acts fast and finds Kenan in a split second. Them being reunited is such a short, but sweet scene. The next few scenes play out in a very intricate and very entertaining way. Some shots are of the remaining crew trying to fight their way out, while the other scenes are of Kenan, Ezra, and the Inquisitor in the biggest showdown of the season. The fight between Ezra, Kenan, and the Inquisitor was definitely the best fight of all the episodes. The animation was so fluid. It looks absolutely breathtaking. Also, it was heart racing. Thanks to that blasted trailer, we know someone will “fall”, but the question still remains: “WHO?!”. So, of course, that’s the only thing stuck in my head this whole time. The Inquisitor eventually uses the Force and knocks Ezra off the platform they are, making Kenan think Ezra has died. We, the viewers, know that can’t possibly be true, but it did have me thinking, “Is this what they meant by fall?! So help me…”. I have a lot of feelings about this show, okay.

While heartbreaking to Kenan, Ezra’s fall served has a great platform for Kenan to fight the Inquisitor even stronger and better. He feels has if he has nothing to lose, so he goes all in. All the while, Hera, Sabine, and Zeb are still trying to find a safe way out of the ship. All the while, the fight between Kenan and the Inquisitor grows more and more intense. We are soon introduced to the final moments of… The Inquisitor! Yes, people, this is the character that “falls”! “Falls” to his demise that is… or so we think. This is Star Wars we’re talking about. But due to the Inquisitor “falling”, his lightsabers get stuck in some part of that ship that is slowly, but surely destroying the whole Star Destroyer. If we weren’t stressed enough during that battle, we are know worrying about the Rebels making it out alive. The Rebels soon make it out of the ship in different Tie Fighters, but they still have to wait for Chopper’s transport to arrive, so they must survive as long as they can until that happens which proves difficult thanks to the, what seems like, hundreds of Tie Fighters.

Soon, our beloved, Chopper arrives and rescues the Rebels. Here comes the best part of the entire episode/series thus far… First, we must ask, “Who was flying the Ghost this entire time?”. As the Rebels reenter their ship, they are greeted by the hologram of Senator Bail Organa. We learn that there are other “Rebel Cells”. The Rebels currently were not supposed to be a “Cell”, so if they were captured, they couldn’t reveal any information involving any other Rebels out there. It was protocol. Then comes in Fulcrum aka… Ahsoka Tano!! This is point where I lost it. Ahsoka is my all time favorite character in the Star Wars Universe, so to see her make her return… I got teary eyed, I must admit. And no more padawan braids? All the emotions. She was only on for about a minute or less, but this means we’ll see more of her in season two. More Ahsoka Tano?! I cry.

That might’ve seemed like the only best way to end that episode, but nope. We soon see Agent Kallus and Tarkin. Tarkin describes that Empire has sent an alternative solution after Kallus has said that people see the Empire has “weak”… *cue Darth Vader breaths* Yes, Darth Vader is returning! This means he will, probably, be the primary villain of season two. How could Rebels get any better?! Seriously.

What did you think of the season finale of Star Wars Rebels?

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