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Secret Wars: Armor Wars

Marvel has announced another series heading to the “Secret Wars” event, “Armor Wars.”

In an interview with ComicsAlliance, James Robinson talked about the series.

“When it came to turning this title Armor Wars into enough of a concept it was worthy of a whole area of Battleworld, I felt there should be more to it [than the original Iron Man storyline],” says Robinson. “So there will be a lot of Armor Vs. Armor action in it, but this tale is so much more than the original series in terms of its scope.”


The new series is reminiscent of the “Iron Man” story line arc of the same name.

“Armor Wars” was a four-part miniseries (1987-1988).

The new “Armor Wars” will take place in Technopolis, a domain in the Battleworld. Robinson went to describe Technopolis as “a world where every single person living here has to wear armor all of the time” due to the dangers of an unknown disease.

The a major conflict in the series is Tony Stark having to deal with his (newly found) brother, Arno Stark. Each is issue will include a “‘armor war’ in each issue,” Robinson promises. The series will also feature ‘Iron’ versions of Spider-Man, Kingpin, and Thor.


“Armor Wars” will be released in June, but there is no details about the length of the series.


Sources: Newsarma, ComicsAlliance

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