Robocop #9 Offers a Shockingly Fantastic Murphy – Comic Review

Heads up, I’ll be reviewing every issue of Boom! Studios run of Robocop from here on out. While I haven’t read the first eight issues (I’m shocked myself), I thought it’d be fun to jump right in and give my general thoughts on the issue at hand. While being a massive fan of the movie, I’ve never read a Robocop comic before, so please, bare with me. So without further or do, here’s my review of Robocop #8.

Official synopsis:

Killian is a murderous criminal in the eyes of the law but he has gained status among the people of Detroit as their brave new savior. Now they set their sights on RoboCop! Featuring the debut of co-writer Dennis Culver (Edison Rex) and new artist Alejandro Arag?n of 28 Days Later!

Warning: slight spoilers ahead! Also, general confusion.

Robocop #8 opens up with Officer Kaplan and Murphy (aka Robocop) on a raid of sorts. They’ve heard that trouble is brewing in this particular apartment complex andwhich turns out to be just another trap. This trap damages Murphy yet again making his defenses that much more weak after falling for traps so many times before. All of this forms the plot line for issue #8 and serves as the backdrop for all the stuff that happens after.

We’re introduced (remember, I’m a Robocop comic noob) to a see all camera network called OCP. OCP seems to have cameras everywhere, spying on the town as a whole to keep track of every single person. It’s a secret many on the task force know about, but they keep it to themselves as to not alarm the citizens of Detroit. I liked that even though this company, or whatever you’d like to call it, seems to have been around, it feels like we are just now introduced to them. Perfect for a Robocop comic beginner!


Speaking of introductions to the Robocop beginner, we learn of a villian named Killian. He’s been locked up for years thanks to an owner (?) of OCP. No one’s heard from his in years ever since he’d been arrested for gun smuggling, but we finally learn, that he’s ready to make his comeback debut. Turns out it’ll be on live television across every channel. I liked the aspect of him controlling every channel, forcing the people to watch. It showed that Killian is a force to reckon with and that he’s not playing around. I’m actually excited to see what else he brings to Detroit.

Robocop seems to pack a lot in it’s 24 pages while not cramming too much down the readers throat. From just picking up this issue, you can see the relationships between Murphy and Officer Kaplan as well as Detective Lewis. We pick up that Murphy and Officer Kaplan have this love/hate relationship while Murphy and Detective Lewis seem to be almost family in a way. I really liked that aspect because it made it that less daunting trying to pick up hints and clues. All in all, Robocop #8 seemed like a perfect gateway comic into the Robocop series. While some things were confusing (where Killian came from, how long has the OCP been around, etc,,,), I feel like I understood the general gist of it and really enjoyed it. The story was straightforward and the art was amazing. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who A.) loves Robocop and B.) wants to read the Robocop comic series.

DIG054652_1Robocop #8 is now available at your local comic book store!

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