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Marvel Revisiting Civil War Storyline

Marvel, via CNN, announces their plans on revisiting the “Civil War” storyline.Marvel revisiting the “Civil War” storyline will take place within the “Secret Wars” event.

In an interview with CNN, Charles Soule (writer for the new “Civil War”), explains what the latest “Civil War” storyline is about.

“Secret Wars” is an opportunity to revisit some of the great Marvel stories of the past. One of those is “Civil War,” and I got the call to work on that. “Civil War” happened in 2006 and 2007, and in that story Captain America and Iron Man went after each other based on an ideological difference on superheroes in the world. What I’m doing is taking that story in a different direction.

Soule goes on the describe the difference between the two “Civil War” storylines.

It was a debate of security versus freedom. We’re taking that basic idea and expanding it to a larger canvas. The Registration Act is all in the past at this point. It’s more of a world drastically changed based on a superhero war, and it’s a huge story and it’s fun to be able to involve every Marvel character there is.

“Civil War” originally debuted back in 2006 (written by Mark Millar). The event was a seven-part series that revolved around the Superhuman Registration Act for all super-powered individuals. Captain America was against the Registration while Iron Man was for it, resulting in the two pitting against each other. Thus a Civil War broke out between the two opposing sides.

Civil_War_Vol_1 cover
“Civil War” storyline pitted Captain American against Iron Man.


secret wars-civil wars
The new “Civil War” that will take place within the “Secret Wars” event.


Fans of the original “Civil War” may notice some differences as seeing as how Soule plans on taking some the events from the original storyline and “spin them off into entirely new stories.”



Source:, CNN

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