Jared Leto Goes All Joker on his Fans

Jared Leto is currently on tour with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, when he decides to give fans a small taste of what to expect out of his performance as the one and only Joker.

Leto and his band mates were at a show in Novosibirk, Russia on March 29. The Suicide Squad star sounds like he jumped into character on stage and spoke directly to a fan in the crowd. He starts normal enough and then drops to a lower octave or two with a little growl behind his voice. Chills! You can watch the video below. There’s also an Instagram video taken by another fan, but we can’t embed that one for some reason.

Okay, so we at least know he can talk the talk, but can he laugh? Who knows, we might get another sampling later in the tour.

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