Well, it’s all over, folks. We know all the answers, all the whodunits and there’s nothing left to discuss.

Wait. No. We’re talking about How to Get Away with Murder here. There are still so many questions!

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. In the two part finale, the big question is whether or not Rebecca (Katie Findlay) killed Lila (Megan West), as Wes (Alfred Enoch) suspects. And while Annalise (Viola Davis) is focused on a new case, he is building the case against Rebecca.


During the first part of the finale, Annalise has a new client in Father Andrew (Tom Everett Scott). This is standard fare for HTGAWM, to have a case ongoing while we also deal with main storyline issues, but in the instance of a two-hour finale, I found it a little odd. Which is when it became clear to me that these are two separate episodes that were put together to make a big finale.

SIDE NOTE: I am really sick of shows doing this. If you’re going to have a two-hour premiere, finale, special episode, whatever, then plan it out as such. Don’t just lump two episodes together because it’s convenient, you need to make time for a new show next week, or whatever reason you have. It’s incredibly obvious when a two-hour episode is two episodes back to back as opposed to one extra long episode. Stop doing this.

Ok, back to what I was saying. The father is accused of murder and has pled guilty, but changes his plea at sentencing because of a woman that works in his parish. Turns out they are in love, though they’ve never acted on their feelings. The good father is not an ideal client. He feels almost no remorse for the murder (the victim was another priest who had been molesting a young boy), but he will not break the sanctity of confession, and when the woman he loves perjures herself on the stand to give him an alibi, he reverses his plea again and submits himself to the court.

It was an interesting case, and on a normal week, I would have been into it, but in a “two-hour” finale, I couldn’t care less about the “case of the week”. I want to know who killed Lila! But that is still up for debate for the time being.

While we see the night Lila died in flashback through various people’s eyes, in the present day, Annalise is working hard behind the scenes to help Nate (Billy Brown). After bail is denied, she orchestrates a ruse for the judge to recuse herself, and for Nate to get beat up in jail, leading to his release on bail after all. She then tells him that she is working to help him, but he has to call the number she gave him. The last we see of him is when he calls the mysterious number, but giving no clue as to whom he has called. Next season question #1.

Meanwhile, there is a new DA, and she has lots of questions for Annalise, including the events of Murder Night. Annalise makes up a story about how Nate and Sam fought that night, giving Nate a reason to have a fingerprint on Sam’s ring, but the DA doesn’t seem to be buying it. So, she goes to see Asher (Matt McGorry), but we don’t see that conversation. Next season question #2.

confronting rebecca

The main thrust of the episodes, though, is Wes’ investigation into Rudy and whether or not Rebecca was the one who killed Lila. He and Laurel (Karla Souza) start looking at the police transcripts from Rebecca’s case, whispering in corners. It doesn’t take long for Michaela (Aja Naomi King) to notice and she confronts them several times before she and Connor (Jack Falahee) force the two to come clean about their investigation. They confront Rebecca, who will admit to nothing, but she has leverage on the group, so naturally they tie her up and call Annalise.

This was a great fakeout. When Annalise shows up, the four are all standing around looking crazy guilty. Slow reveal to Rebecca tied up in the bathroom. I though for sure they’d killed her. But that’s only the end of the first hour.

rebecca tied

Also in the first hour, we get into some personal stuff with the characters. Connor and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Oliver wants them to get tested first. Connor is extremely nervous, but he ends up being negative. Oliver says he is, but then at the end of the second hour it is revealed that he actually tested positive. What will this mean for their relationship? Next season question #3.

Michaela also has to deal with the fallout of her broken engagement. Her ex’s mother, Mary (Lynn Whitfield) tries to get her to reconcile, but Michaela is having none of it: “He doesn’t love me. But I love me. So I’m done.” You go girl! She’s clearly taking notes from Olivia Pope. But in an interesting twist, it turns out that Laurel had Michaela’s missing ring all along, holding onto it as leverage. She gives it back, so what does that mean for Michaela’s engagement? Next season question #4.

Back to the Rebecca question. The whole group moves Rebecca over to Annalise’s house, where they give Rebecca a “trial”. However, they can’t prove anything. Both Annalise and Wes try to get Rebecca to talk, but she’s not giving up anything. She does, however, manage to sneak out a text: “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s house.” What does this mean and to whom did she sent it? Next season question #5.

When Annalise returns from talking to the DA, she discovers that Rebecca has escaped. Naturally the group is worried about where Rebecca will go and whom she will tell, but Annalise sends them on their way. Wes stays behind, blaming himself, but Annalise comforts him, stroking his head in her lap as they try to convince themselves that Sam was Lila’s killer. Just a gentle reminder that their relationship is really bizarre. What’s really going on there? Next season question #6.

annalise wes

After Wes leaves, Annalise goes downstairs to the basement where they were holding Rebecca to talk to Frank (Charlie Weber).

Annalise: “Did you do it?”

Frank: “No. I’m not that guy. I thought you did it.”

Annalise: “Because I’m that guy?”

One assumes they’re talking about letting Rebecca loose, but then the camera pans down: Rebecca is dead. What? Who killed Rebecca? Next season question #7, and the ongoing plot for next season.

And who killed Lila? Well, we finally find out: It was Frank, doing a favor for Sam, because he owed Sam. What did he owe, and does Annalise know? Next season question #8, and a big one.

rebecca dead

Eight questions going into the next season, and I’m sure that more will arise before long. There’s been nothing official from ABC, but the show did promise that it would return this fall, so a second season is definitely in the works.

All in all, it was a pretty exciting finale, well structured and leaving more questions than answers, as it should be.

What did you think of the finale?

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