Holy Anne Bancroft It’s A LUMBERJANES #12 Review

In issue #11 of Lumberjanes, Mal and Molly were trapped in another dimension with Bear Woman. They set out on a mission to try to find BW’s glasses which would help her see the portal back home. Meanwhile, at camp the rest of the ‘Janes were STILL trying to get some badges. Did all parties succeed? You’ll have to read #12 to find out!

#12 picks up with Mal and Molly doing some awesome Hunger Games style things to get some materials needed for their plan to get back home. Mal reveals to us her full blown plan to get BW’s glasses back and we all hold our breath hoping it works. We get a little bit more character development with Molly and also a hint that may or may not determine her fate. Back at the camp, April, Jo and Ripley are STILL trying to get badges. April comes up with yet another plan but the ‘Janes realize that maybe it should be more about fun and less about winning badges.



While this issue wasn’t as entertaining as the last one, we still got to see the end of what felt like another story line. I thought it was adorable that Mal and Molly are still together and are still willing to give each other that boost of confidence they both need to succeed. I love Bear Woman and I think that she still has  more to offer us in terms of stories we have yet to learn about not only her but the camp and what the woods contain.

Again, if you don”t have this on your pull list please add it! It ‘s such a great story and it definitely shows the camaraderie between girls that the younger comic book audience needs.

Lumberjanes #12
Published by Boom! Studios

Written by Noelle Stevenson & Shannon Watters
Illustrated by Carolyn Nowak
Colors by Maarta Laiho
Letters by Aubrey Aiese
Cover by Carolyn Nowak

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