GLEE: “We Built This Glee Club” Review

Finally! An episode of Glee with good music! It’s been many weeks since I could say that. Not that the music has been bad, per se. It’s just been…unimpressive. But now that Sectionals are happening, the good stuff is back at last.

I’ll get to the music later. As I said, this week was Sectionals, which was surprising, since there’s been little to no focus on the impending event for most of the season, but all of sudden, it’s time. And The New Directions are not ready. Not by a long shot. Even thought they have four coaches. The former Warblers are quick to point this out, singling out Roderick (Noah Guthrie) and Spencer (Marshall Williams) as the weakest links as dancers.

A brief note on Spencer: Glee has once again gone backwards on who this character is. First he’s an all star football player who doesn’t care if anyone thinks he’s gay and has no interest in Glee Club. Then he wishes he could join Glee Club since he’s a rockstar, but doesn’t want anyone to think he’s gay. Now he feels forced to be in the Glee Club, and openly admits that he’s not a great singer or dancer. This is the new character they’ve spent the MOST time developing, and every single development contradicts the last one. I’m so glad this series is ending next week.

Back to the plot. Kitty (Becca Tobin) and Will (Matthew Morrison) try to give the two boys dancing lessons, but Spencer ends up spraining his ankle badly. He almost risks his future football and performing careers by injecting his ankle with Cortisone so that he can perform for Sectionals. But Roderick ends up convincing him there’s another way: as a human prop in the show.

Even though Vocal Adrenaline gives an outstanding performance, The New Directions win, surprising everyone. I actually couldn’t tell which way they were going to go with it, since the series is ending and they could have abandoned the Glee Club forever, or set it up to continue after the show is done. Looks like it’s the latter. And even though Sue (Jane Lynch) has been on a mission to destroy The New Directions since Episode 1, she claims that she singlehandedly engineered their victory because Will and Sheldon (Dot-Marie Jones) stood up for her during the Geraldo Rivera interview.

jesse st james

Rachel (Lea Michele) is still debating between Broadway and NYADA, despite pressure from all sides about which way to go. Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) are pushing for school, while former Vocal Adrenaline/New Directions alum/enemy/friend/lover Jesse St James (Jonathan Groff) shows up to convince Rachel to take the Broadway gig, since he’ll be starring opposite her. She ends up choosing NYADA, but before he goes, she and Jesse share a kiss.

So, at the end of the episode, most of the major plot points are wrapped up in a tiny little bow, much the way they were last season when The New Directions were finished and the show chose to focus on the six main cast members. This, by the way, was the best decision the Glee writers ever made, and it was disheartening when they went back on it at the beginning of this season. As we go into the two hour finale, there really aren’t any questions I have other than who Rachel will end up with, so we’ll see how they fill the two hours.

Now, on to the music. Rachel and Jesse sing a spectacular duet of “Listen to Your Heart” that reminded me of all the great times Rachel has sung with pretty much anyone. Then Vocal Adrenaline did their set of “We Built This City” and “Mickey” that was show-stopping, as always. Finally, The New Directions performed. Roderick took the lead on “Take Me to Church” in a strong performance that really showed what he can do vocally. Then we got to hear Madison (Laura Dreyfuss) really sing out pretty much for the first time with “Chandelier”, a performance that included Spencer swinging in on an actual chandelier (human prop, remember?) while Myron (JJ Totah) danced in the audience dressed like Maddie Ziegler from the music video. Wrapping it up for TND was Mason (Billy Lewis Jr) leading “Come Sail Away”. Three great songs arranged and performed expertly was a great way to send TND off on a high note (pun intended).

glee cast

Next week’s two hour finale will start with a flashback to how the original five members of The New Directions met and joined before flashing forward to see how everyone ends up. One more week, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over.

How many Special Guest Stars do you think will show up in the finale?

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