Director and Writer of WOLFCOP, Lowell Dean – Interview

We chatted with writer and director of soon to be cult hit, WolfCop, Lowell Dean. Lowell was attending Wizard World Raleigh and was kind enough to give us a ring to let us in on all things WolfCop. Check it out below.

AoG: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule. I know you have a lot going on with WolfCop up there (at Wizard World Raleigh).

Lowell: Yeah, its a lot of fun. It’s Raleigh and we’re gonna spread the word finally.

AoG: Where did your initial inspiration for WolfCop come from?

Lowell: The inspiration honestly came from just wanting to see good werewolf movies. I love horror movies, I love monster movies. Zombies have been big lately and someone who love werewolves as much as I love zombies, it’s like, where are the good practical effects werewolf movies. So I just made it because I wanted to see it honestly.

AoG: I love to hear that! Making something because you want to see and because you love it. That’s awesome. So how did you feel when WolfCop won the Cinecoup Film Accelerator and you got to know your dream would become a reality?

Lowell: I was shocked, honestly. I honestly didn’t think we’d win. I didn’t know what they were looking for, I don’t think anybody really could. I usually thought they were looking for different type of film and we were too silly for them. I thought we’d maybe get popular, maybe amongst cult movies, and Cinecoup is a way to get chosen, to get noticed, so when we were chosen by Cinecoup, I was shocked. Obviously it meant lots of work ahead and then we could sell it again.

AoG: I was so excited to read about that. It’s something so big!

Lowell: Yeah, one million dollars is still very independent, but it was so cool to not only finish it, but getting it to maybe have a place in theaters.

AoG: So I have some questions about the wolf. When you were writing the film, did you have a specific way you wanted him to look and if so, did the movie bring that to life?

Lowell: Yeah, it was an evolving process for sure. Between myself, Emerson and Leo, who played the character. It was always struggly between making a human and making a monster. I wanted him have a personality and be kind of like a person, and have that look. We did our best to kind of make a person that kind of feels scary. In the right lighting, he looks scary, but in another lighting, oh, I could almost go up here and give you a kiss.

AoG: Haha! I like that! During those transition scenes during the movie- I love those. They were some of the best I’ve seen-, did you have specific idea on how you wanted those to happen?

Lowell: Yeah, I think so. Again, it was a lot of talk with Emerson and saying what kind of shots we wanted, what can we do, and how do we set ourselves apart from other werewolf transformations. It had to be practical. Emerson wanted it to be very painful, he wanted it to be a very painful transformation. And I wanted to see body parts transform that I hadn’t seen before. Kind of meshed our two hopes in the middle.

AoG: Yeah, I really loved it. It just popped out on screen. Those scenes are still in my mind. Now I know WolfCop is very light hearted, it has a lot of humor in it, but was that your original intentions from the beginning, to make a comedy or to do a full on horror movie?

Lowell: I wanted it to be everything, honestly. I wanted it to be kind of dark and serious but also, with a name like WolfCop, you know it has to be silly. So I selfishly wanted to do it all and walk through all tones and I wanted it to be dramatic and slapstick ridiculous, violent, hopefully funny and sexy in other parts.

AoG: It definitely showed that it sort of mashed a little of everything together because it was actually scary in some parts, but funny in others. That’s definitely one of the things I enjoyed about it.

Lowell: Thank you! I was very nervous. I would often say that if it was too funny, the horror fans will reject it, and say it’s not good horror. If it’s too scary, people will say I hate it, I’m afraid.

AoG: Were there any scenes you wish you could’ve added to the movie, but just never got the chance too?

Lowell: Yeah, definitely. The bathroom scene was supposed to be a full on fight scene. It was going to be a full on fight scene with WolfCop, smashing mirrors, and heads in the toilet. It just wasn’t feasible for our budget. It was a little heartbreaking to lose, but I felt I had other fight scenes, so I was able to let it go.

AoG: So WolfCop is slowly, but surely becoming a cult hit. You can tell by its online presence and just how people are responding to it. Did you ever think people would accept it so openly or did you think people would be more close minded about it?

Lowell: I am surprised that people are so open, honestly. I think that I accepted maybe a bit of cult with the horror fans, but I did not expect that this many people would watch it.

AoG: I know you’ve probably answered this question a million times, but our readers would to know, is there going to be a sequel in the works?

Lowell: Yes! Not only will there be a sequel, I’ve already written it and we’re probably going to start filming at the end of this year.

Aog: Wow, you guys work fast!

Lowell: Yeah, it’s going to be good. We’re going to work really hard and make it better than the last one.

AoG: Do you have any other future projects you’d like to let us in on?

Lowell: Yeah, I have another horror comedy I wanna get going. I can’t say the name, cause the name is a lot like in the vain of WolfCop, where once you know the name, you’ll know what the movie is.

AoG: I’m excited to hear that! You seem to have a knack for horror comedies.

Lowell: Yeah, I love it! I have so much fun.

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