Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Promo Campaign

As many of you know I am an avid fan of Man of Steel and I can’t wait for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, since that movie was announced, a lot of people saw a huge flaw in announcing it three years early. So, how do you keep everybody’s interest for a movie that is so far away? Especially when you account for the amount of comic book movies coming down the pipeline over the next three years.

Well, Zack Snyder has been in viral marketing overdrive over the last few months, between the viral battle with JJ Abrams, which gave way to some hilarious and awesome images (Darth El anyone?) to the reveal of the all new Batmobile, Snyder has been working hard to remind us of what lies ahead. He has known when to drop each image and each piece of promotion perfectly. But where can the promotion go from here? Well I have some ideas, and one in particular comes to mind.

We’ve now seen each super powered being that will be in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I say this because I don’t imagine Cyborg or Flash will actually be in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in their superhero guises. With Batman, Wonder Woman and now Aquaman revealed, I came up with an idea for the next step of promotion for the movie.

Batman V Superman

For the next step, I think Snyder should post three separate posters which deal with the aftermath of the battle Metropolis and who should make Superman pay for his crimes? Well, now there are three beings who can make him pay and if it’s done in the style of the comic books, each showcasing how each hero has bested him, it could be a great way to hit all of the fans.

Superman V Aquaman

Each promo could have a different aspect of Superman’s supposed crime, showing through the eyes of Aquaman, Batman and Wonder Woman how the world views him and his actions.  They each could be an excellent element that not only keeps each of them relevant but also keeps Superman front and centre, since we shouldn’t forget this is his sequel.


Let us know what you think. Have you guys got any promo ideas for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know in the comments below.

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