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Will 2015 Be a Boring Year For Video Games?

We’ve had a few gaming years that were quite tumultuous. However, industry analysts don’t have high expectations for 2015. Gamebrief founder, Nicholas Lovell, claims that this year will be about consolidation and not about revolutionary publishers and massive releases. Should we assume that the industry will be that dull in the upcoming 12 months?

We’ve witnessed amazing things happen in the last 5 years. The free-to-play feature went mainstream, tablets and smartphones increased in popularity, Facebook went through a lot of ups and downs in the gaming niche, brand-new genres emerged (MOMA), and eSports finally caught the attention of game aficionados. It’s 2015, and many people are asking themselves – will we witness better changes, or should we just settle and enjoy what we have right now?

The growing trend of F2P games (free-to-play)

F2P games have hit the jackpot. These can be downloaded for free, and developing companies make money from ads and “micro-transactions”. Famous iOS and Android names such as Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, and Clash of Clans are fond of the system, and it has proven to be extremely productive for them. However, it’s not the most perfect way of profiting from video games, and this 2015 the developers must work to improve it. Soon enough, we’ll look back to 2014, and say something like – can you believe how outdated Angry Birds was back in the days?

One of the biggest changes we’ll probably see in 2015 will be related to re-thought strategies for the free-to-play model. Famous names in the gaming niche – Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Activision – have already attempted to use micro-transactions and free download features; sadly, the approach did appeal to their fan base. Many triple-A studios believe that they’re experts at making F2P games. However, they end up failing because they know nothing about humility. These companies must first understand what F2P is all about, and then start making F2P games.

Changes in free-to-play games

Fans of free-to-play games don’t want to get to a point where they have to pay to keep playing. In games such as Candy Crush Saga or Parking Games 365 for example, fans will eventually get stuck. To continue, they’re compelled to buy power-ups. In this case, the free-to-play they started is no longer free. This can have a negative impact on the developer’s reputation.

Game developers must learn to compel gamers to buy to feel better, and not spend because they feel bad they can’t advance further. When you pay to stop feeling irritated, you may have to deal with serious consequences in the long run. Game companies must learn to improve their response in front of the community in the most cost-efficient way. Regardless, we must admit that free gaming was and still is one of the coolest and most productive ways of letting people play without forcing them to spend money.

Nothing will change in the Virtual Reality gaming community

VR has had its 15 minutes of fame back in 2014. While the technology is without a doubt pioneering and incredibly addictive, some experts claim it won’t go through significant changes this 2015. A lot of buzz was created around the Oculus Rift, and in the upcoming months the technology will most likely center its attention on the advertising part. The VR technology will have an interesting year. However, even if it’s extremely groundbreaking, it will remain static and won’t surpass the impact tablets made when they were introduced.

To conclude, we can state this year’s gaming niche won’t be as amazing as it was 2013 or 2014. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it will remain dull. Let’s just put it on stand-by until the next big thing in gaming takes us by surprise and rocks our world.

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