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Victory Fanfare The Good, Bad, and Ugly of The Wolf Among Us

The Wold Among Us, the episodic adventure game based of Fables, a comic I sometimes feel doesn’t get quite the love I think it deserves. Maybe I’m biased, as it is one of the only comic series I’ve read, or maybe it’s that I fall in love with detective style noire stories. Either way, the game The Wolf Among Us was developed and published by Telltale Games and distributed by Vertigo and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. With its canonical story to the comics, set as a prequel, it is definitely a game that I assure will suck you in, only to leave you with one or two feelings- the want for more, or the feeling of emptiness.



The Good:

As the game begins you take control of Bigby Wolf, who is the “big bad wolf” from fairy tales, as this is Fables you’ll realize every character is based off of fairytale characters. Set in the year 1986 (I wasn’t even a bb yet) the fables of Fabletown, a small community located in Manhattan, lived mostly in peace. Masking their true identities from humans, as “mundies” as the fables refer to them, all non human fables have to purchase an enchantment known as “glamour” to hide their true identities.

The gameplay, obviously, has a ton of story, since it is a point and click game the bulk of this is story based. So, clearly, the good in this game is the story. But not only is it the story, it’s the characters, which you fall in love with, and hate, and feel for through out the series. A character you may hate in episode one, you’ll find yourself feeling sorry for in episode 3.. Except the New Jersey Devil.. F**k that guy.

There’s so much more I want to go on about this topic, but, I must save it and be as spoiler free as possible. Anyway, besides the story, and the character which I love, the thing that kept driving my playthrough is the holy sh!t cliffhangers, specifically at the end of episode one. If it wasn’t for all this, the bad would seem so much worse. Speaking of which..

The Bad:

While the controls are a bit better than they were in The Walking Dead, the skipping and lag of the game was sometimes down right horrendous. I don’t know if this is just on the PS3 or what, but my god, why is this an issue!? I own The Walking Dead on both Steam and physically for the PS3, I’ve played through both but encountered similar lag issues with the PS3 game as well, in fact it’s worse than The Wolf Among Us. Again, it makes no sense to me.



The Ugly:

Again it’s the lag, it’s also the fact that the Bigby grinding on the stripper pole glitch was fixed and I had to find out about it. Thanks a lot Eric.


Everything about this game is stuff I love, gritty crime story, characters who can change your emotions from loving to hating a charter, and vice versa. The character feel real, your opinions, and the pressure of wanting to please all (in my case at least) and realizing you somehow, lead someone on so much, that you may have accidentally ruined their lives. While you may have made yourself happy, you may have also lead others to a destructive, or deadly path. With all of this I have to say Telltale has done it again, they perfected their action scenes, and they’ve only become better with each game. While The Wolf Among Us is probably not going to be a franchise for Telltale, it’s one of those games that I believe people will look at years from now and say “this is when Telltale really found their groove” sure, it’s not The Walking Dead, it’s no where near as heavy, but that’s not what  is about.

Hey, before I go I thought I’d share this mix I made, check it out if you like video game music! I promise, you will not be disappointed! Here’s the link!

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