The Big Bang Theory “The Troll Manifestation” Recap

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The Big Bang Theory continues its solid run through its eighth season of episodes with last week’s “The Troll Manifestation.” While Leonard has a scientific revelation over dinner with Penny, he runs off to Sheldon for verification and approval. Sheldon is quick to jump on Leonard’s coattails, and goes on to write and then publish a paper on “their” discovery. After throwing it up online, they get trolled by none other than Professor Stephen Hawking, appearing in a short, unannounced, but very funny, cameo in the final scene of the episode. Of note is the fact that poor Sheldon has to attach himself to Leonard’s revelation, having still had no luck in his own professional life since moving on from his study of string theory. If this man is gonna win the Nobel Prize before the show ends, you show writers need to get busy!

penny, amy, bernie

The girls, meanwhile, have a night in where they dig deep into their embarrassing past lives prior to their time at 2311 Los Robles in Pasadena. Bernadette unwillingly stars in an old pageant video while they also watch Penny’s gorilla movie sequel. But most hilariously was Amy’s more recent past: she writes Little House On The Prairie fan fiction that includes a character named Cooper from the future. Again, Amy Farrah Fowler steals the show from the girls as she continues to be one of the most under-appreciated characters on network television.

Fans, how did The Troll Manifestation sit with you?

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