RUMBLE #3 Constructs a Fascinating Realm – Comic Review

Rumble #3 provides readers with the first in-depth look at the history of the series’ wacky monster infested world. The previous two issues introduced a seemingly normal boy who works at a local bar, his average friend, a scarecrow monster slaying god, a variety of speaking monsters and a giant cat with bulging eyes that may or may not explode! Both of the previous issues were very fast-paced and action-packed with little time for explanation. Everything and everyone in the series hit the ground running and only now, in the third issue, stop to take a breath and figure out exactly what is going on!

John Arcudi of HellboyAbe Sapien and B.P.R.D. fame is a master of writing the strange and epic. This issue highlights his ability to spin lore of mythical proportions. The boy from issue one finally gets some sort of explanation to the crazy happenings and monsters that have so suddenly appeared. Though some context is provided this issue many things are still a mystery and left open ended. Arcudi provides little tidbits here and there, expanding the world and setting with the help of the absurdly talented James Harren. The panel layout and action scenes are clearly top notch but Harren doesn’t stop there as he builds mind bending realities and architecture.


It is not only the architecture and physical (or lack thereof) world that Harren makes fascinating. The variety of monsters and how they interact with their surroundings is also something to behold. From floating chubby government officials to giant creatures stuffed into seemingly too small holes in the wall, there is constantly a new and fun thing to look at. The sometimes over the top facial expressions mesh so perfectly with Arcudi’s writing that it would not be hard to fathom an entire issue of conversation being entertaining. With some clever shadows, Harren and Arcudi walk a fine line of keeping plot beats hidden from those not paying attention. Or maybe they are just purposefully being misleading! Either way, by paying close attention to this issue it will quickly become clear that this series is heading above and beyond any average comic.

The all-star creative team is rounded out by Dave Stewart and his amazing colors. The use of specific colors in the background of certain panels helps set a tone for both characters and actions, a combination difficult for many colorists to master. It is no surprise that this series continues to become stronger with the creative team that is driving it. This solid issue in particular seems to highlight the fact that Arcudi, Harren and Stewart have worked together before and are carefully crafting a book which highlights their strengths. With the world and plot expansion supported by some of the best monthly art in the industry this issue is an instant winner and a must-read for fantasy fans!

Rumble #1
Published by Image Comics
Written by John Arcudi
Art by James Harren
Colored by Dave Stewart
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos

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