NBC’s GRIMM Renewed for Fifth Season

Where does the time go? NBC’s twisted fairy tale crime drama, Grimm, is fast approaching the end of its fourth season, and now the show has confirmed that they are renewed for Season 5!

The renewal was announced over Twitter, and fans all joined in a celebratory high five.

@NBCGrimm: “High FIVE! #Grimm”

Grimm came out the same year as ABC’s Once Upon a Time when reimagining fairy tales first started to become en vogue. I personally believe Grimm is the stronger of the two, yet one inexplicably maintains the coveted Sunday slot while the other is stuck on a night that usually means death for an ongoing series. But Grimm has managed to hang on for four years straight and continue to hold its position for a fifth. Huzzah!

You can watch Grimm every Friday night at 9 pm EST, right before NBC’s other supernatural drama, Constantine.

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