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2015 is shaping up to be a great year for Invader Zim fans! We are getting a new comic from creator Jhonen Vasquez (published by Oni Press),  beloved green alien and his sidekick GIR!

One thing fans might never have thought they’d see, however, is Invader Zim in Lego form.

Well, now a mighty need may just have found a potential source of sustenance!

Lego creator buggyirk has dreamt up a fantastic Lego set featuring Zim’s voot runner and house—complete with GNOMES!!!

While the characters will come in mini-figure form (where the legs do not bend at the hips) as Zim and Dib are “children,” the set proposes both alien, and human Zim; robot and dog-suit GIR; and, nemesis Dib!

Buggyirk did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the show in Zim’s house, which includes retractable roof to allow for Voot runner landings, tile floors to match the show, and fun accessories that reflect the zany nature of the show like WAFFLES!

While this is a fan created proto-type, you can VOTE for this set to be made!

Check it out, HERE, and remember, the window will close April 30!

Are you excited about the possibility about having Invader Zim in Lego form?

[Source: LEGO Ideas]

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