GOTHAM “Red Hood” Recap

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Ah yes, the filler episode. Gotham’s twist on the traditional right of passage for any television season included a look at the notorious Red Hood Gang, with no real payoff by the episode’s end. It was a bit of fun to watch The Gang rob a few banks, but other than that, they did little else. The red hood mask itself somehow found its way out of the hands of the GCPD and into the hands of a passing juvenile in the final scene, underscoring the point that this episode was just for fun.

In the only intriguing arc this week, Alfred brings in an old military friend who is down on his luck. Or so it seems. In the end, the man stabs Alfred in the chest, leaving him bleeding for Bruce to find. While Alfred ends up surviving the attack, Bruce is crushed, afraid he will lose the only piece of family he has left. At the episodes end, it turns out Alfred’s friend was an inside man for the Wayne Enterprises board, gathering intel on the death of Bruce’s parents and who knows what inside Wayne Manor…and ultimately calling for the death of Bruce Wayne.


The Penguin continues to struggle with running his new club. With alcohol sales in nearly all of Gotham controlled by his “rival” Don Maroni, Cobblepot has his hands full with no sauce for his patrons and terrible choices in entertainment plaguing his new business. Penguin is being set up as Gotham’s main villain, and it will take us time to get there. Right now it looks like he’s positioned to take out Maroni by season’s end.

And Fish Mooney plucked her own eyeball out. That’s all I can say. It looks like she’s being held in a place that is harvesting eyes from unsuspecting inmates, with no real idea of who is in charge and what the endgame might actually be. So Fish offsets her captors plans and pulls her own eye out. Next week we are sure to find out why, but right now it’s sour grapes.

Fans, was this week’s GOTHAM a swing and a miss for you as well?

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