GOTHAM Recap – “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

Last week Fox’s Gotham returned to its finer form, with an episode that saw Jim Gordon returning to his job at GCPD following his brief punishment/exile to the dreaded Arkham Asylum. Last week also put Fish Mooney in the crosshairs of crime boss Don Falcone, as Mooney got busted for trying to force the boss out of Gotham prematurely. But Fish made it out alive, and ultimately came face to face with the one man who ratted her out…The Penguin. No one likes a snitch, Oswald!


Gotham is at its very best when it remembers that it is, in fact, a crime drama. While not as polished as Law and Order or as gritty as something like The Shield, this show seems to have finally found its true footing. That’s not to say that the show couldn’t do without all the Bat-villains (The Electrocutioner, really?!), but I fear we will never be clear of that central problem, so its best just to go with the flow. I  mean, after all, next week we get the great Julian Sands debuting as the plotting Dr. Crane, aka, The Scarecrow.

Gotham seems destined to fall in the middle between good and bad as far as overall quality goes, but for the most part, that’s fine. Ben McKenzie is a fantastic Jim Gordon, Robin Lord Taylor is brilliant as The Penguin, and their supporting cast of the incomparable Donal Logue and Jada Pinkett-Smith as the over-the-top Fish Mooney are both money in the bank. It’s for these reasons that we continue to peak in on Gotham every week, usually pleasantly surprised with all of its criminal under-workings with a splash of Bat-lore.

Fans, how are you feeling about GOTHAM?

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