GOTHAM Recap – “The Fearsome Dr. Crane”

Fox’s Gotham is finally hitting on all the right cylinders. It’s taken several tries to get all the parts working together, but the writers seem to have finally found their stride. The story with Bruce Wayne struggling to cope with the death of his parents still feels a bit forced, but the show upped the ante this week by changing that dynamic entirely.

Selina Kyle, after being nearly assassinated at Wayne Manor several episodes ago, has recanted her story: she now claims to have not seen who murdered The Waynes that night in Crime Alley. This changes everything for Bruce: he releases Detective Gordon from his promise to find the killer, and embarks on his own crusade to find the person responsible for killing his parents. Bruce is forced to adapt to this huge reveal, and its this change that sets him on the path of his true self discovery. In the coming weeks we will see Bruce grow by leaps and bounds, and for the moment, his piece of this Gotham puzzle doesn’t feel so out of place.

Meanwhile, Bullock and Gordon are forced to hunt down a man who is killing people by subjecting them to their worst fears. And in doing so, said killer is also removing their adrenal glands to prevent their bodies from producing cortisol in response to the stress they are facing, forcing them to face their fears without a security blanket. Gruesome and twisted, this killer is found to be Dr. Gerald Crane, The Scarecrow’s father. But we get our first glimpse of The Scarecrow, as a teenager no less, helping his father wield his tangled and mad plan. Both escape Bullock and Gordon this time, but one can bet that’s not for long.


And finally this week the story between The Penguin and Maroni comes to a head. Maroni, tipped off by Fish that Penguin is playing everyone, takes Penguin out to a cabin in the woods, ala Sopranos style, with every intent to kill him. But, per the usual cliche, Maroni allows Penguin to live just a bit too long, and Penguin escapes with his life. Of course, not before getting his ass handed to him, yet again (someone teach this guy how to fight for crying out loud!).

Gotham is coming together, and if the coming weeks are any indication at all, things are set to get even better. The Red Hood (Gang) is set to make it’s debut, the origin of The Joker to the show will soon be set in motion; oh, and also there’s this (check after the :26 second mark!!!):

Fellow Geeks, how’s Gotham working for you?

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