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GLEE: “A Wedding” Review

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Only Glee can pack as many names into one episode as it can, and it’s no surprise, since this is the wedding episode we’ve been promised all season. The wedding is for Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) and so many old Glee Club members are present: Artie (Kevin McHale) and Mercedes (Amber Riley), of course, since they’ve been in almost every episode this season; Rachel (Lea Michele), Sam (Chord Overstreet), Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), since the show is technically still about them; Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr) and Puck (Mark Salling) all return, though Puck is flying solo for some reason, since Dianna Agron‘s Quinn doesn’t make an appearance (and no one comments on it); Vanessa Lengies is this week’s “old guest star”, Sugar Motta, though she adds absolutely no value to the episode. All the current members of the New Directions can be seen if you pay close attention, but they play zero roles in the wedding itself and really don’t even get mentioned, and poor Will (Matthew Morrison), though part of the wedding party, doesn’t even have a single line this week (in fact, if you blink, you’ll miss him).

And that’s just the kids: The parents are just as bountiful. Ken Jeong and Jennifer Coolidge are back as Brittany’s hilarious and ridiculous parents, Gloria Estefan reprises her role as Santana’s mother, Mike O’Malley and Romy Rosemont return as Burt and Carole Hummel (Burt is officiating the wedding), and Gina Gershon makes her Glee debut as Blaine’s mother. (Why is Blaine’s mother at the wedding? The answer will not shock you.)

So, now that the guest stars are out of the way, we can proceed to the plot, or plots, since there are several mini-plots that come and go throughout the episode. First, Brittany thinks everything is bad luck, especially her and Santana seeing each other in their dresses before the wedding. But Santana eventually calms her down. Santana doesn’t want to invite Sue (Jane Lynch) to the wedding, but Sue gets Santana’s Abuela (Ivonne Coll) to come, showing the older woman her prejudice is wrong through extremist examples like Biblical stoning, the Russians jailing gays, and the Westboro Baptist Church. So Sue gets a pass, and Santana gets her Abuela.


Harry Hamlin makes a guest appearance as Walter for one scene so that Kurt can break up with him. Remember last week when Blaine kissed Kurt and then Kurt still went out with Walter? I guess we’re ignoring that, because now Kurt is all about Blaine. And he’d better be. Sue, Santana and Brittany have a surprise for the back-together couple: it’s a double wedding! That’s why Blaine’s mom is at a wedding she really has no reason to be at. Because she doesn’t know her son is about to get married, but isn’t she lucky to be in the right place at the right time!

Because Tina needs something to freak out about, she decides to propose to Mike. He turns her down, of course, and she and Artie make a pact to marry each other if they are still single at 30. 30??? I’m almost 30. Go to hell, Artina.

That’s pretty much everything. The only real musical numbers of note are: Mercedes and Artie singing a duet of “At Last” as the couples walk down the aisle; Gloria Estefan, Gina Gershon, Jennifer Coolidge and Romy Rosemont singing “I’m So Excited” with help from the Troubletones (remember them? The alternate Glee Club group started by Sugar Motta that Mercedes, Santana and Britney joined to spite Rachel? No? Shocking. Guess that’s why Sugar is back this week: for arcane references); and a double duet between the married couples for all the couples at the wedding to dance to, basically so Rachel can get the ok from Carole to date Sam. Naturally during that last one, Sugar dances with herself.

Only four more weeks left, and we’re still no closer to the New Directions being ready for Sectionals. Yeah. Sectionals. That’s apparently still a thing.

Did you enjoy the big gay Glee wedding?

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