Five Things You May Not Know About BETTER CALL SAUL’s Michael Mando

“Nacho. Leave it.” If you’ve been watching AMC’s Better Call Saul, then chances are you’re loving the current storyline with Michael Mando as Nacho Varga. Who is Michael Mando? He’s a lovely versatile actor who has a badass resume with a variety of roles from film to TV shows. Also, if he’s looking familiar to you that’s because, he’s also been in Orphan Black! Curious to learn a little more about him? Read on…

1. He’s Vaas from Far Cry 3 & The Far Cry Experience

2. He was born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

3. He was the male lead in all 5 productions for The Dome Theatre and graduated with excellence

4. He’s had roles, minor and big, in TV shows like: Orphan Black, Covert Affairs, Rookie Blue, The Killing, Psych, Flashpoint, The Border, Les Bleus de Ramville, and The Listener

5. He’s been nominated twice in 2014 at The Canadian Screen Awards for his performances in Orphan Black and Rookie Blue 


Those are five quick facts to learn about the wonderfully talented Michael Mando. You can currently catch him on Better Call Saul of course! I’m sure we will be seeing him in many more things in the future. Have you seen any of his other roles? Leave your comments in the comments section below!



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