Five Encounters Spider-Man Needs in the MCU

After I almost had a mental breakdown over Spider-Man coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I started to think of the cool things that can happen with Spider-Man. One of the biggest draws of having Spider-Man in the MCU will be the interactions he can have with other heroes. There is something about seeing him hanging out or battling it out with the other Marvel characters that is appealing and exciting. So from that excitement, I picked some of my favorite comic moments, team-ups and face-offs I need to see on the big screen.

5. Buddy Cop Style With Hawkeye

Spider-man-hawkeyeThe first time I actually took notice of Hawkeye as more than the “dude who shoots arrows” was in the Avenging Spider-Man #4. Spider-Man and Hawkeye had to carry out a mission together and the exchanges between the characters were something special. When it comes time for Spidey and Hawkeye to strike their targets, Hawkeye wagers he can make the shot from their vantage point. It’s a great moment I won’t spoil, but this would be great on film. We can finally have the MCU Hawkeye fleshed out with this moment alone, if it ever takes place on screen.

4. Close Encounters of the Hulk Kind

Spider-man + hulkSpider-Man has rumbled with the Hulk on several occasions. With the Hulk only going up against Thor in the MCU, and soon Iron Man in the Hulkbuster armor, there’s definitely room for more Hulk clashing and bashing. So, why not have Spidey go up against Hulk? Seeing Spider-Man crawling and jumping around avoiding the Hulk’s random swings would be golden. Then there’s the web shots that will definitely annoy and anger Hulk. There are too many fun possibilities for these two. Plus, we might get to hear Hulk call him “Bug Man.”

3. My Neighbor Daredevil

daredevil+spider-manDaredevil and Spider-Man have been crossing paths since the ’60s. It would be an outright injustice if I didn’t mention Daredevil on this list. With the Netflix Daredevil show just a couple months away and Spidey joining the MCU, anything from the long history between these characters would be welcome. It’s bound to be intense because these two are known to get into scrapes, and often. With the Daredevil show having a gritty look, the contrast with Spidey should be interesting to see.

Hmm, now that I think about it… Do you think the real reason Daredevil moved to San Francisco is to get away from Spider-Man?

2. When Spidey Met Miles [Morales, The Ultimate Spider-Man]

spidermen01One of the most awesome things that won’t happen for a long time will be Miles Morales coming into the MCU. I wish I had a strong belief Marvel Studios would do it sooner than later, but it’s a fool’s dream for now. However, one of my favorite moments comes from the Spider-Men five-issue miniseries. When Peter Parker from main Marvel continuity (Earth-616) meets Miles Morales in his universe (Earth-1610). A fantastic interaction occurs when Parker tries to “school” Morales but is quickly incapacitated by Miles’ ‘venom sting.’ First impressions do last forever, and this one is burned into my mind. If this could be adapted to live action, I would probably faint from the overload of geek out.

1. Training Day with Captain Marvel

spider-man-captain-marvelThis is the pairing I am anticipating the most. When Spidey and Carol are part of the Avengers in the films, I can’t wait to see one of my favorite interactions in comics adapted to the big screen–wishful thinking, but I need it. It’s one of my favorite moments of heroes bonding like actual people. Watching Carol and Spidey training in Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 7) was one the most memorable moments of Spidey just being an “off-duty” Avenger.

What are some things you want to see in the MCU now that Spidey is joining the fun?

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