D4VE #1 Is The Fun And New Robot Centric Comic You Need – Comic Review

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Ever since reading about the comic D4VE, I knew it would be going on my pull list immediately. Anything robot-related is fine by me and to make it geared toward adults? I’m in love. The issues have been available on Comixology for quite some time now, but D4VE is finally hitting comic book stores as it makes its print debut.


Mid-life. Crisis. D4VE, the defense-bot-turned-desk-slave, withers away at a soul-sucking day job, quitely dreaming of his monster-punching past. Unbeknownst to him-yet-new alien presence lands on Earth.

D4VE‘s first issue sets up the world and story quite nicely. We learn about D4VE’s beginning, his present, and how his species of robot came to be. D4VE leaves a normal-ish, everyday life. He has a 9-5 job, a mean boss, and a wife who doesn’t seem to care for him anymore. He wishes he still lived the life of fighting aliens, but due to wiping out every other species known to man, there’s nothing left than to live the average human life. That is, until one day, one of his coworkers named CH4D, convinces D4VE to get a little loose, drink a little, party a little… it’s maybe not the best idea before an alien invasion.

D4VE has one of the strongest first issue’s I’ve read. We’re introduced to his environment, his work, his friends, and to D4VE himself. Non of it feels rushed and it moves smoothly along while telling a brand new, fresh story. I love the designs of the robots as well as the aliens. Both aren’t recycled old versions of what we’ve seen and are used to, but new! Like I said, this is aimed toward adults, so expect plenty of language and a robot strip club? Yep. It happens. Ryan Ferrier does a fantastic job writing this series, while Valentin Ramon brings this world to life with beautiful art and some breathtaking panels. Espescially one panel in particular of D4Ve looking up into the sky at 4:00 am.

D4Ve definitely met, and exceeded, all my expectations and will be staying on my pull list indefinitely. I highly recommend this fun comic. Especially if you love robots and aliens… come on, who doesn’t?

D4VE-1-CoverD4VE #1 is now in comic book shops, but if you wish to read them ASAP, Comixology is right here.

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Travis Grimm

Travis Grimm

Travis has been a self-proclaimed geek ever since being introduced to Star Wars before he could speak. He spends most of his free time reading comics, watching TV, collecting toys, blogging, and traveling the US to attend all sorts of conventions. He also likes coffee quite a bit.