CURB STOMP #1 Gives You The Fever – Comic Review

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Meet Machete Betty, Violet Volt, Daisy Chain, Derby Girl and Bloody Mary. By day, they seemingly live decently normal lives. By night, they’re the all-girl gang The Fever.

Curb Stomp seems very Warriors-esque, Ryan Ferrier has begun to spin us a tale of gang violence and girl power that is appropriately named. Much like the first issue of any new series, we’re given character introductions and the lay of the land in terms of the plot. Right from the get go you get to see what each girl is about. Their personalities shine through with their interactions with one another as well as their rival gangs.


I was immediately amazed at the representation of races in this series! As a comic book reader, it’s always nice to see myself represented in what I read. Artist Devaki Neogi did a fantastic job at giving these girls their own distinct look. The art, overall, reminds me of Blaxsploitation films from the 70’s. I could easily see this made into that style of movie or show. With the bright neon color palette, the whole comic screams action and danger and we have colorist Neil Lalonde to thank for this awesomeness.

With the comic only being a four-part series, we’re already left with a cliffhanger that no doubt makes you want to pick up the next issue to continue on this journey with The Fever. Hopefully Curb Stomp is a success, and picked up for more issues, as I would love to see more of these girls, but if not, this short lived series will without a doubt be one of my favorites from BOOM! Studios.

Curb Stomp #1
Published by BOOM! Studios
Written by Ryan Ferrier

Art by Devaki Neogi
Colors by Neil Lalonde
Letters by Colin Bell

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