ARCHER “Vision Quest” Episode Recap

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Vision Quest slows the cast of Archer down immensely, but in a great way. This dialogue heavy (for Archer) episode nearly eliminates all of the come to be expected action and contains the whole team sans Mallory (and AJ) within an elevator. The entire team arrives within minutes of each other at HQ for the team building exercise scheduled by Mallory. Everyone makes it in to the elevator at the same time even though Ray attempts to keep Archer out with a repeat of the previous episode’s Maximum Overdrive joke. That situation will act as only the first of many recurring jokes.

The elevator ends up coming to an abrupt stop having gone past their top floor destination and hitting the gears at the top of the shaft. After manually opening the elevator doors, with some wise cracks about Lana’s man hands, the group notices that they can barely see into their office through the doors. Cheryl yells for Milton to help them and the toast making machine rushes off to help. The group then berates Cheryl and each other over how a toast machine can help their situation. Food becomes the topic as they realize they should hold on to some food and drink in case they are stuck for a while. Lana also realizes that there is no restroom so consuming anything may lead to more problems and attempts to warn the group of this. They of course cut her off every chance they get.

Soon enough Pam has eaten her bear claw and drank her 40 oz. of beer and has to relieve herself. By this point everyone’s addictions have been brought up including Ray’s smoking, Cyril’s masturbating and Lana’s lecturing. Lana won’t allow Ray to smoke in the elevator so he is lying on the floor sticking his head and one arm though the tiny door space out in to their office while smoking. Pam can’t hold it in any longer so attempts to pee into the 40 oz. bottle. Needless to say this does not work. Ray ends up with urine on his pants (“Pam peed your pants”) and Pam ends up bottomless, having not worn underwear and using her bottoms to soak up the urine. Jokes about who has seen who naked ensue and with a failed 911 call from Ray the whole group eventually snaps. Mallory finally arrives and uses her master key to call the elevator from the bottom floor. She is stunned (takes a lot to do that at this point) by the sight before her. The group appears to have gone feral.

As a whole this episode was great! Though this season has certainly had stunningly improved animation sequences it was refreshing to have all the characters forced to interact for a whole episode with no long action shots interrupting. The animation team doesn’t slack this episode as some of the body motions and facial expressions make it clear that it’s not just the action sequences that are getting better. To long time fans it may feel as though Vision Quest got back to the roots of the show. Previous episodes this seasons entailed the team splitting into two or three  groups with some characters, such as Archer and Cheryl, having barely interacted at all. One of these groups was always looking for or after AJ and though that makes sense as a plot device it was verging on repetitive. This episode kicks that habit too. So many recurring jokes, call backs to old episodes and obscure history and movie references (be ready for the Burt Reynolds movie title) pepper this episode that you may have to watch it twice to get them all! Vision Quest is another great  installment for the show.

How do you think the Krieger Clone(?) will react now that he thinks everyone knows his (possible) secret?

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