AGENT CARTER Review – “The Iron Ceiling”

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Another week, another episode of Agent Carter. This episode, “The Iron Ceiling”, may be one of the most looked forward to of the season. Why exactly? There’s numerous reasons. The Red Room, more Dottie, and of course, the Howling Commandos! What more could you ask for?

The episode starts off with us learning more about Dottie’s upbringing. This is when I started to get most excited! We see Dottie as a young girl and how she’s managing in the “Black Widow” program. (Not the term they used, but you get the point.) Dottie basically fights another girl to death and learns English via Snow White. *cough Disney synergy cough* This means that the MCU has now brought the Red Room to life and we’re basically seeing Black Widow’s past, in a way, where she learned to fight, etc,,, This was a pretty amazing opening and I’m still so excited that we got to learn that back history of Dottie.

But foremost, in this episode, we grow to love Peggy even more. If that’s possible. Yes, we know what she’s capable of, but it’s so amazing to see the way she still handles her sexist and misogynistic work environment. Quick comebacks and smart wit is what Peggy brings to the table. We soon see her confront her boss and shows she’s able to handle a mission that requires her to go to Russia. This, of course, is where we meet up with The Howling Commandos. (Insert smile here)

I loved being reunited with the Howling Commandos. I think it was definitely a nice touch to the Agent Carter roster. And while it may have only been one guy from the movie, it’s still exciting for us fans.

During this time we also see that Sousa now knows that Peggy was the undercover blonde from the first episode. Last episode, we saw him piecing it together, but after stumbling upon Peggy changing, he noticed the bullet wounds on her back which then leads him to discovering this truth. He’s shocked by it and by the preview for next weeks episode, he doesn’t seem to trust her anymore.

Seeing the Howling Commandos team up with the S.S.R. is great combination. Both are determined and it’s interesting to see how they interact with each other. Soon, the big fight between good and bad breaks out and it’s all the entertainment you need for the night. After trying to survive it all, we see Peggy take control of it all after Thompson soon freezes up. This isn’t a shocker due to his backstory he told earlier in the episode which I quite enjoyed. It definitely added another level to Thompson and made him a bit more likable if you will. But Peggy being won’t put him down. She just commands him for rising back up and moves on.

“The Iron Ceiling” was a pretty spot on episode. We learned more about certain characters, we saw more of Dottie, The Howling Commandos returned, and so much more! It definitely made me one proud Agent Carter fan and held a lot of info/entertainment for an hour long episode. Though I think out of everything that happened, I’m most curious as to what Dottie’s plan is. At first I thought it was to kill Peggy, but now it seems she wants to be Peggy? While also taking out Peggy? Her mimicking Peggy and picking up her lipstick were just so… odd. Definitely a great moment thought. Made me want to watch even more Agent Carter and to finally get down to the bottom of it. As does every episode.

What are your thoughts on this weeks episode of Agent Carter? Leave a comment, so we can discuss!

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