Adele’s New Album Due Later This Year

Multi-platinum singer Adele fired up the rumor mill last year with an enigmatic Tweet that hinted at a new album in the second half of 2014, but true to her label’s word, it did not materialize and appears to be set for a release later this year.

The rumors began when Adele hit 26 on May 4th and tweeted out “Bye bye 25” followed by “see you later this year.” The wording of her Tweet seemed to hint the much-anticipated followup to her Grammy Album of the Year-winning 21 would be coming out some point during 2014. Those rumors were later squashed by both the New York Times and her label’s parent company, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating about a 2015 album release and lining up to buy Adele 2015 tour tickets (no tour has been announced yet either).

The World Music Awards initially fanned the flames with a Twitter post which stated Adele had confirmed plans for a 2015 tour following the release of the much-anticipated album 25. Adele’s albums have kept to a numerical naming scheme so far — her first album was 19 and came out in 2008 (and made quadruple platinum in the UK and double platinum in the US) followed by 21 a little while later (which also holds the Billboard 200 record for longest at the top of the charts).

The parent company of Adele’s record label XL Recordings, the Beggars Group, then went on record with the media as saying there was “no truth” in the rumors or the World Music Awards’ apparent confirmation of them. The New York Times then followed by confirming this, when a reporter dug up a financial report which XL Recordings filed with British regulators. The financial report stated that there would not be any “further new release by Adele” in 2014, noting this would result in a drop in XL’s profits.

The lack of a new Adele record also had consequences elsewhere in the music industry. 2014 saw a decline over all, with only five 2014 albums in the US selling over a million copies (just one, the soundtrack to Disney’s “Frozen,” sold over 3 million).


By comparison, Adele’s 21 sold over 25 million units around the world. One of the reasons ’25’ is attracting so much attention is in fact the extreme success of 21. It brought her six Grammys, two Brit Awards, as well as three American Music Awards. It also earned Adele several Guinness World Records — thanks to 21, Adele is the first female artist in the Billboard Hot 100’s history to score three top 10 singles simultaneously while performing as lead artist, as well as the first female artist to achieve two albums simultaneously in the Billboard 200’s top 5 and two singles in the Billboard Hot 100’s top five. 21 also made longest Number 1 album from a female soloist in the history of the US and UK album charts.

Adele started out singing at the age of four while being raised solely by her mother, and has said that the Spice Girls made her “what I am today.” In fact, Adele got her start with Spice Girl impersonations at dinner parties. Four months after she graduated from university in 2006 she put out two songs in an online publication Platforms Magazine, where they attracted a great deal of attention and earned her a meeting with her current label, XL Records.

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