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Victory Fanfare: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of SKATE 3

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I’ve been a fan of skateboarding for a long time. Growing up in Southern California, it was one of the many hobbies as a kid. Obviously skateboarding isn’t inclusive to Southern California, it just so happened that I was among a ton of people who participated skateboarding. When I really got into skateboarding it seemed not long after the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game was released. Before that I had played games like Skate or Die, 720, Street Sk8er, Skate and Destroy, and so forth. Then we got to the generation of Xbox 360 and PS3, and with that a whole new gaming franchise. So, let’s go ahead and break down Skate 3 from Electronic Arts and Black Box.

The Good:
They got skateboarding right down to the science. The use of both sticks to control your board and movement is so nice! While I was always a fan of using pro skaters over any create a skater game, Skate games have made it much better. No longer are you subject to a few pre-made characters. You’re now able to customize your character as much as you’d like. Got a big nose like me? You can make your skater also have the biggest nose in town. Stuff like this always excites me, maybe it’s dumb but I like that. The amount of customizable stuff in this game is honestly the best thing about it. The way the story mode works leaves a bit more to desire.

The Bad:
So, I notice I mentioned controls but didn’t go on. The reason for that is sometimes they just don’t work the way they’re supposed to. I can perform the prompt the way I’m supposed to, and yet, I’m doing a pop shove it. What the hell? I just wanted to do a kickflip, it’s not that hard, so why don’t you recognize that is what I was trying to do? Whatever, it’s a dumb complaint, well, probably not as dumb as this.

The Ugly:
Customizable soundtrack…maybe.

There are not many games that captured skateboarding and skateboard culture the same way THPS did. It was clear they knew what they were doing. The music was perfect, the tricks were actually named after the tricks they were, and they had some of the best pros at the time. Around the time THPS 4 came out, the genre had become dull. It was more or less the same as the last and now every game that came out tried to make that the outcome as well. However, Skate 3 does a pretty good job with skateboarding.

Victory Fanfare” is a monthly game review effort to go through Johnny Ketchum’s game collection and play them all. Once the game is complete Johnny takes all of his random thoughts and breaks it down to the good, bad, and ugly.

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