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Victory Fanfare: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of ROGUE LEGACY

Rogue Legacy is a game that interested me almost immediately. The fact that the castle would change every time you played seemed so awesome and something only a few games have ever done (I could totally be wrong about this). I loved all the aspects of this game and was so excited to start playing it. Once I did, I discovered so much more than what I was expecting.

The Good:
Like I was saying up there, I really dig the always changing castle. But, if you like a specific layout of the castle, you can acquire the architect and keep it the way you last played it. It’s not without a hefty fee, of course, but a fair price when you’ve got a layout down.

The RPG elements of this game are also cool. I never have much time to play RPGs anymore due to being an adult and having a social life, plus a job, so this seemed great to me! You know, until you really get down to the game.


The Bad:
What I thought was going to be a fun, quick game made me quickly realize I will spend days, weeks, maybe even months, to fully progress. Like I was saying about having a social life and a job, and you know, just being an adult, I don’t have the time I’d love to put into this game. It was clear to me that I’d have to put in way more time than I thought and actually have.

The Ugly:
There’s really not much ugly in this game. Beautifully designed with a fun soundtrack… Or uh, song? Like I said, no time guys and I’ve only progressed so far. No, I have not yet beat it, when I do I will properly review this game, you know…in the year 2020.

Victory Fanfare” is a monthly game review effort to go through Johnny Ketchum’s game collection and play them all. Once the game is complete Johnny takes all of his random thoughts and breaks it down to the good, bad, and ugly.

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