The Top 10 Comics of 2014

This article is a complete list of 2014’s top 10 comics – consisting of 10 comics that captivated us (and had great sales) for the year. The sale numbers are a courtesy of Comicchron. Let’s just cut to the chase and begin!


1: Amazing Spider-Man #1 (532,586 Units Sold)

AmazingSpiderManV3n1The relaunched title saw Peter Parker returning to his humble beginnings, the Amazing Spider-Man! After what happened in the Dying Wish storyline, Doctor Octopus took over as the Superior Spider-Man. Now that Peter Parker is back (really back), he picks up where Octopus left off. After 33 issues of having an impostor as Spidey, it wasn’t surprising that this issue was the best selling comic of 2014!







2: The Walking Dead #132 (326,334 Units Sold)


After the debate of whether the walkers can still talk (it was a group impersonating as the walkers). This issue was one of the three best selling issues of The Walking Dead (the others being #100 and #115). This issue puts together the horrible idea and creation of humans using walkers’ flesh (in explicit detail) in order to ambush people. The cliffhanger is even better and leaves you wanting more.







3: Rocket Raccoon #1 (293,913 Units Sold)


This isn’t the first time that the fan favorite had his own comic series. The first series was in 1985 of the same name. The newest version sees Rocket as a wanted fugitive. Accompanied by Groot, watch as Rocket tries to clear his name (and get into more adventures and the way).







4: Death of Wolverine #1 (261,975 Units Sold)


This 4 part series saw Wolverine fighting enemies that he’s made throughout lifetime (who learn of his vulnerable state). A virus (detailed in Wolverine #5) has caused Wolverine to lose his healing factor. Each enemy that he fights only brings him that much closer to the inevitable: His Death.







5: Death of Wolverine #4 (165,582 Units Sold)


This the last issue in the 4 part series and Wolverine’s last stop. Here, Wolverine confronts the man responsible for making him what he was: Dr. Cornelius. The Doctor was part of the Weapon X Project. By the time Wolverine catches up to Cornelius, he is attempting to recreate the project; well Wolverine won’t stand for that. With the last of his strength, Wolverine kills the man who create him.





                                                                                                                                                                  6: Thor #1 (150,862 Units Sold)


After the aftermath of the Original Sin storyline, Thor is unable to lift Mjolnir. Meaning that he is no longer the God of Thunder. But, as the rules of the hammer, there must Always be a Thor to wield the hammer. The female Thor was only seen as being able to lift Mjolnir, making her the Goddess of Thunder!







7: Original Sin #1 (147,045 Units Sold)

OriginalSin1This mini 8 part series used the classic storyline of “Who Shot…” The series starts with a murder mystery: Someone killed the Watcher. The storyline involves crossovers and different superheroes working together to figure out who the murderer is. So, who did shoot the Watcher?







8: Death of Wolverine #2 (129,999 Units Sold)


Here, Wolverine has to deal with an assassin on his tail: Viper. She was hired to finish Wolverine. Now, how could have hired Viper? Why Dr. Cornelius of course. Viper has Wolverine fight against Sabretooth (his oldest foe). Fighting ensues, but Wolverine is left to live another day. The next stop on his journey? Japan.







9: Death of Wolverine #3 (141,567 Units Sold)


Now that he’s in Japan, Wolverine has to fight against Kitty Pryde. Here’s the catch: she is being possess by Lord Ogun. More fighting happens between Wolverine and Kitty and then with Ogun (in his own body). However, everyone leaves with their lives and Wolverine learns who put the price on his head. He’s getting closer to ending all of this…






                                                                                                                                                    10: Superior Spider-Man #31 (3,066 Units Sold)


The last issue of the Superior Spider-Man storyline. After getting control over his body again, Peter must put a stop to the Green Goblin’s “Goblin Nation”. Meanwhile, Green Goblin has taken Doctor Octopus’ love, Anna Marie as a hostage. Luckily, Peter saves both Goblin and  Anna Maria. Now, he can resume living his life in his rightful body!







34.38% in Dollar Shares


As you can see, Marvel Comics dominated this year in comics (DC Comics isn’t even on the list above). 9 out 10 comics were Marvel. The only other comic was The Walking Dead (Image Comics). This makes Marvel Comics the top publisher of 2014 (as seen on the chart above).

Source: Diamond Comic Distributors






36.78% in Unit Shares


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