STAR WAR REBELS Recap – Spark of Rebellion and Episodes 1-7

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Welcome to my very first recap of Star Wars Rebels! I wanted to get this started a lot sooner, but alas, time was not on my side. Luckily, it’s almost the new year (or it may be the new year by the time this posts), so I thought why not catch up and start reviewing Star Wars Rebels on a weekly basis. This post will be one huge master post with a short review for the Sparks of Rebellion movie and for each episode leading up to “Path of the Jedi”. I’m so excited to get this started and to share my love of Star Wars with each and every one of you. Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

“Spark of Rebellion”

First up, we have the Star Wars Rebels premiere movie, “Spark of Rebellion”. This was the one hour movie to kick off the Star Wars Rebels phenomenon and was it a good one. We’re introduced to the characters immediately starting with Ezra (or Darth Vader and the Inquisitor depending on which version you watched) on the planet Lothal. Ezra is a fourteen year old orphan whose been living by himself in an abandoned communication tower ever since his parents died. He’s likable and introduced as a sly character with the great skill of stealing, but also with a great skill of helping. One day, after helping a local merchant deal with some troubling commanders, he steals some jogan fruit in a hurry, which then brings him into a situation far bigger than he thought. Ezra gets caught up in the Rebels plans of stealing the Empires weapons, which can be exchanged for food and money. We’re introduced to the rag tag Ghost crew during this scene. We meet Hera, Kanan, Zeb, Sabine, and the amazing, Chopper! We then soon learn that Ezra can sense the Force and Kenan can sense this about him almost immediately. Ezra then join the Ghost crew for a short time thinking they’ll bring him back home after the delivery of the weapons is made and Ezra gets his cut. During this episode, we learn more and more about the characters and can’t help but love them. Especially Chopper. My favorite part would have to be towards the end when the crew stumbles across a group of imprisoned Wookiees. It’s a very fast paced scene, but also really heart felt. After all is resolved, Ezra knows it’s time to go home, but Kenan has other plans. He wants to train Ezra in the way of the Jedi. This little notion opens a whole new world of possibilities and is what makes the first episode of Rebels so amazing. This my short review, so I left out a lot. Trust me, so many other things happen that are worth writing and if I could cram them all into here, I would. Just trust me and watch it! What are you doing still reading this? Go, go, go!

“Droids in Distress”

We have finally come to the very first episode of Star Wars Rebels. This is the first episode to kick off the season and is it a great entryway into the universe of Rebels. Before delving too much into the episode, I will say that two (and more!) familiar faces return and we’re introduced to Star Tours! Star Tours, people!

The episode centers around the crew of Ghost and their current mission which is to steal some disruptor weapons and sell them back to Cikatro Vizago for money. Which is needed for fuel, food, all the necessities. We then find the crew of Ghost, Prime Minister, and Wabo boarding Star Tours (Star Tours, people!) in which then two of the Prime Ministers translators come aboard. They are non-other than C-3PO and R2D2. Chopper gets a bit annoyed during this bit which makes him want to shock Ezra… a lot. After C-3PO, R2D2, and Chopper get sent to the back, we learn that Sabine can translate for Wabo. Sabine is smart, sarcastic, and all around amazing. She lies about which bay the weapons are stored, she tell the Prime Minister 17 instead of 17. Seems pretty simple, right? Maybe not so much for the crew of Ghost. The weapons are T7 ion disruptors aka the weapons that wiped out Zebs race which makes him a bit weary as to what they’re doing.

Sooner than later, the Prime Minister soon discovers she’s been played which then makes the crew of Ghost’s task that much more difficult. Luckily, Chopper decides to stall them for at least a second. After soon discovering what has happened, Zeb decides to battle all the Stormtroopers by himself and proves successful with a bit of help from Kenan. During all the chaos, R2D2 and C-3PO decide to join Ezra and Sabine aboard the Ghost so they could get away from Kenan and Zeb… turns out that wasn’t the smartest decision. Agent Kallus gets word that this heist has taken place and sets out to get the weapons back.

Vizago is awaiting there arrival of weapons and, while shady, is actually being fair. That is until the Empire gets word of their coordinance via C-3PO. Right before the transaction is made for the weapons, the Empire unleashes Walkers and Stormtroopers among the crew of Ghost while Vizago and his crew get away unnoticed. With no time to load the weapons back into Ghost, Kenan makes the decision to destroy the weapons. This scene is pretty amazing. We’re introduced to the Walkers with The Imperial March which makes the scene that much more intense. Everyone plays there part and in the end, they end up destroying all weapons, but Agent Kallus has his holds on Zeb. Agent Kallus is about to kill Zeb when Ezra uses the Force to save him. Thank goodness.

In the end, C-3PO and R2-D2 are returned to their owner, Bail Organa, whose kept his identity a secret. He pays the Rebels for their time and after they leave, inquires with R2 about the Rebels.

“Droids in Distress” was a lot of fun. I am very happy this was the opening episode. I think the adding of C-3PO and R2-D2 will definitely help news fans get aboard the Rebels train. I’ve seen this episode a few times now, but keep noticing new things! If you want to find all the easter eggs, I’d recommend this post by Amy from the Nerdist.

“Fighter Flight”

Now we’re onto episode two of Star Wars Rebels aka “Fighter Flight”. We find Ezra and Zeb basically caught in a little brother/big brother situation in which they’re fighting with each other. Add Chopper to the mix and it definitely makes for a less than pretty situation. After seeing them two get at it, Hera will have none of it and sets Ezra and Zeb off on a supply run in which one of the items is a rare meiloorun fruit. Thinking that meiloorun doesn’t grow on Lothal, Ezra and Zeb are shocked to find two crates full, but quickly learn that the Empire had bought them. Ezra, being the Jedi in training he is, decided to use the force to sneak one or two away and after being unsuccessful, Ezra and Zeb find themselves in a battle with the Empire. It’s a really fun, action packed scene and it leads to Zeb to hijack a TIE Fighter. How does one fly a TIE fighter upside down and lift someone inside? Only Zeb must know.

From then on, what is hard is the trip back to Ghost. During the trip back, they discover that a family of farmers and Morad Sumar, Ezra’s old friend, have been held captive by the Empire. This makes for an edge of your seat thriller as Ezra tries to free them all, while Zeb fly’s above waiting to rescue Ezra. This mission proves successful. The farmers, Ezra, and Zeb are free. They think about keeping the TIE Fighter, but know it wouldn’t be of use, so they destroy it, but Zeb did keep an Imperial helmet for Ezra’s collection. Arriving back to the Ghost, Kenan congratulates them on work well done while Sabine has used her skill to make Ezra and Zeb a little surprise.

“Fighter Flight” was a lot of fun to be only the second episode of Rebels. I enjoyed the train heist fill this episode had, plus it was nice to see Ezra and Zeb get a long like brothers. If you enjoyed the first episode, you’re going to love the second one even more!

“Rise of the Old Masters”

In episode 3 aka “Rise of the Old Masters” of Star Wars Rebels we see Jedi training, the Inquisitor in battle, and so much more! This episode was a jam packed. In the 22 minutes we’re given, it feels a lot longer and in a good way. We are finally seeing more of Ezra training to become a Jedi by his teacher, for the moment, Kenan. Kenan doesn’t feel like he’s the right teacher to suit Ezra, so when word come by that Master Luminara survived the destruction of the Jedi order, Kenan makes it the goal of the crew of Ghost to rescue her from the Spire aka the Stygeon Prison on Stygeon Prime. This may seem easy, but the Empire has rigged The Stygeon Prison with everything from TIE Fighters to Stormtroopers. But this is the crew of Ghost we’re talking about and they prove successful… that is until they find out it was all a trap by the Inquisitor and that Master Luminara has indeed died during the destruction of the Jedi order.

This scene was sad. Let’s just face it. I was so upset to discover this news and the way the episode played this particular scene out was smart, but also very upsetting. If you can’t tell, it really bothered me. But to battle the sadness, we then find Ezra and Kenan go head to head with the Inquisitor in a action packed scene. We finally see what the Inquisitor can do, and while he’s no General Grievous, he can still pack a punch. His lightsaber, which we’ve seen plenty of time before, is very different than the typical one. It has two blades (We’ve seen that before, yes.), but it also propels? We’re never shown how effective that part is, other than scaring people, but it looks cool nonetheless. Finally, Kenan and Ezra escape the Inquisitors wrath and get as far away from his as possible. In the end, Kenan finally accepts that while he may think he’s not the best teacher for Ezra, he’ll have to do and he’ll have to do his best.

“Rise of the Old Masters” was such a fun episode. We saw a group of Tibidee, we saw Kenan and Ezra’s first encounter with the Inquisitor, we saw Jedi training! It was such a fantastic episode and definitely showed that Rebels is worth the time.

“Breaking Ranks”

In the next episode of Star Wars Rebels aka “Breaking Ranks”, we discover that Ezra has been undercover in the Imperial Academy on Lothal for weeks slowly trying to gain access to Agent Kallus’ office which contains an Imperial decoder which, in turn, will help the crew of Ghost find the kyper crystal and destroy it. Kenan started this mission fearing that the Empire would get their hands on it and use it’s forces to harm others. We see Ezra blend in and actually impress the others, all while sending messages back to the Ghost via Chopper.

It’s a lot of fun to see all the trial everyone has to go through and this episode reconfirms that Ezra’s goal is to help as many as he can. But after successfully completing the mission, Ezra stays behind. He gets word that the Inquisitor is after his fellow cadet, Jai Kell, and wants to help him escape as well. After learning all this, he get’s his other fellow cadet, Zare Leonis, to join in and from then on, it’s the three’s mission to escape the Imperial Academy. Teaming up, they successfully escape with the aid of a walker and on the way out, Leonis decides to stay behind. He suspects his sister was kidnapped by the Inquisitor and wants to delve into this more. The Inquisitor then learns that Ezra was undercover as a cadet and immediately recognizes him as the padawan he fought on Stygion Prime. He asks Leonis to take a walk and that he wants to know everything about his former friends. (ie, Ezra) Back at the Ghost, the crew decides to help Kell and his mother go into hiding from the Empire.

“Breaking Ranks” was a whole lot of fun to be a fourth episode. It has the Imperial trials, walkers, Chopper, and a suspenseful escape! What more could you ask for? By now, we know that Star Wars Rebels isn’t just starting off strong, but is staying strong. Let’s hope it keeps this track record up!

“Out of Darkness”

Oh, “Out of Darkness”, how I love thee. Being the 5th episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Out of Darkness” has proven to be my favorite episode of Star Wars Rebels yet. Full of mystery, action, and suspense, it has it all.

The episode begins with a war between a couple of TIE Fighters and the Ghost. It’s a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love TIE Fighters? After escaping with minor damage, or so they thing, we then find Hera and Sabine fighting. Sabine doesn’t believe Hera trusts her. Sabine, feeling a bit left out, makes it her goal to join Hera’s next mission. Well, their next goal is to meet an informant named Fulcrum and pick up crates of supplies on an old Grand Army of the Republic asteroid base. They fly Phantom out there, but soon discover Fulcrum isn’t there, but the crates are. They start packing up the crates, and are about to head out, when they discover a fuel leak. They’re stuck for the time being… but they’re not alone. They soon discover a group of Fyrnocks inhabit the other side of the base camp. They only stay in darkness, as the sun hurts them, but due to overhead asteroids, within minutes the whole area will be dark. So Hera and Sabine use their wits and prepare to survive for however long it’ll take the Ghost to get there.

The scenes featuring just them two fighting the Fyrnocks are some of my favorites. They teamed up and showed they could trust each other. After fighting off a few waves of fyrnocks, the rest of the crew of Ghost pick them up and out of danger they are. Back aboard the Ghost, Hera explains that she does trust Sabine and hopes she understands. Sabine does.

“Out of Darkness” was full of creatures, Hera, Sabine, and teamwork! It was such an amazing episode and I really hope they feature more like it. With all the lack of Sabine/Hera Rebels merch, I’m glad to see them have their own episode.

“Empire Day”

“Empire Day” aka episode 6 of Star Wars Rebels would prove to be the shows first cliffhanger. In an action packed episode from start to finish, this “Empire Day” just shows that Star Wars Rebels is getting better and better every episode.

It’s Empire Day and the crew of Ghost have decided to sabotage it’s festivities. During the parade, the Empire unveils a new TIE Fighter design. (Yes, people. After seeing photos, we’re finally getting to see the new TIE Fighters in action!) The crew of Ghost doesn’t like this, so they do what they do best: destroy it. This obviously leads them to run into hiding since all of the Empire present are after them. They soon discover, what they will come to find out is, Ezra’s childhood home. Ezra had a little secret place he use to stay, I assume, and we then discover Rodian named Tseebo. The Empire has apparently been searching all of Lothal for him. Apparently the head implant the Empire took to put on him has vital Imperial secrets. This information is vital to the crew of Ghost. It could help takedown the Empire. So they decide to help Tseebo escape with them. They’re pursued by walkers, TIE Fighters, and, of course, the Inquisitor. After an edge of your seat escape, they finally board the Ghost safely. Then Tseebo breaks the news to Ezra: He says he knows what happened to his parents.

The episode ends with, “To be continued…”. It’s a first, and probably not last, for Rebels. All in all, “Empire Day” was a whole lot of fun. This, for me, probably had to do with all the TIE Fighters. They’re just so cool! I guess we’ll see if Tseebo really knows what happened to Ezra’s parents in the next episode. Eep!

“Gathering Forces”

“Gathering Forces” picks right back up from where “Empire Day” left off. Does Tseebo really know what happened to Ezra’s parents? Let’s find out…

Turns out he doesn’t. At least with that head implant working it’s Empire magic. Ezra begs him, but all Tseebo has to offer is an apology for not helping his family. Ezra declines. We then find that Hera needs help in the cockpit and asks Ezra to fix the navigation computer, but after proving unsuccessful, Tseebo barges in, fixes it, and off to hyperspace the Ghost goes. but while in hyperspace, they learn from Tseebo that the Empire had implanted a tracking device on Ghost. Kenan then comes up with a plan. They’ll detach the Phantom while in hyperspace, fly to Fort Anaxes, and let the Fyrnocks have their way with the Imperials. Kenan and Ezra arrive to Fort Anaxes and set up base in the dark side of base camp where all the Fyrnocks reside. Kenan also uses this moment as a way to train Ezra even more. He wants Ezra to be able to connect with the Fyrnocks. While Ezra is afraid, he does try. Kenan asks what Ezra is most afraid of and Ezra replies that he is afraid of the truth and, through the force, forgives Tseebo. Which in turn brings Tseebo back to his normal self.

Sooner or later, the Inquisitor arrived with his whole crew of Stormtroopers. None of them are prepared for what’s to come except the Inquisitor himself. He uses his force and weapons to get through all the Fyrnocks that come his way, and even battles with Kenan, but in the end, doesn’t expect what Ezra has to bring to the table: a Mega Fyrnock. Yes, Ezra uses the force and connects with a Mega Fyrnock. The creature is huge and even makes the Inquisitor scared. After seeing what Ezra has brought up, Kenan’s goal is to get them out of them since Ezra has used up most of all his energy and is now week. After successfully escaping and leaving the Inquisitor and his Stormtroopers to defend themselves. Ezra knows he saved them, but says it doesn’t feel right. Kenan tells him that if you lack the will needed when opening yourself up to the Force, you become vulnerable to the dark side. Back at the Ghost, we find that they have returned safely, but Ezra is still not feeling right. He goes to his bunker alone, but Sabine brings him a present that not even the dark side can ruin: a holodisk containing a picture of Ezra and his parents. Sabine then wishes him a happy birthday and leaves him be.

This episode of Rebels was pretty deep! Yes, it got pretty dark in “Rise of the Old Masters”, but this episode dealt with a lot more, I feel. We had Ezra’s parents, the dark side creeping in, and family friends being hunted by the Empire. While still maintaining a serious composure, it was still a lot of fun to see Ezra use the Force! He does need to learn to control it, but to see him summon a Mega Fyrnocks? Amazing.

Thanks for reading my recaps of Spark of Rebellion and episodes 1-7 of Star Wars Rebels! This was a lot of fun to do and I can’t wait to recap future episodes. Be on the lookout every Monday, starting next week, for the latest Star Wars Rebels recaps.




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