ROBOT CHICKEN Animator Turns Nintendo Power Glove Into a Useful Tool

Whodathunk that the Nintendo Power Glove would ever become a useful tool? Robot Chicken animator Dillon Markey did, and what he does with it is pure genius. He found potential in the device in a place no one would think to apply it: stop-motion animation.

For those of us who’ve lived long enough to watch the world of video games evolve into what it is today, you may remember this notorious controller from 1989.

nintendo power glove-1

The Power Glove was one of Nintendo’s earliest attempts to thrust gaming into the next level by giving players a new way to control the game. The concept for how the glove works is a little like how we game today on the Wii and WiiU, but the technology back then just wasn’t there for it to work properly. The Power Glove was a commercial failure — the controls were wonky and beyond accurate, and there were no good games to compliment this device.

26 years later, Markey has breathed new life into the forgotten gaming periphery. He was tired of walking back and forth from the set to the camera to the computers — such is the tedious back and forth process of a stop-motion animator. One day, Markey wished there was some way to be able to control some, if not all, of the devices he used while animating. That’s when he realized that the old Nintendo Power Glove had just what he needed; it just needed a bit of tweeking first. Below is a video of Markey showing off its capabilities.

It makes you wonder just how much old tech is out there that failed in its time but can be repurposed for something entirely different today.

[via Colossal]

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