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New Brett Gelman Special on Adult Swim in February

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a brand new special starring Eagleheart’s Brett Gelman has been announced for Adult Swim. If you remember, last year’s special (titled: Dinner With Friends With Brett Gelman and Friends) featured comedian Gelman hosting a dinner party (gone extremely wrong) consisting of random actors and comedians such as Alison Pill and Gilbert Gottfried.

This go-around, Gelman joins his family in (take a wild guess…) Dinner With Family With Brett Gelman And Brett Gelman’s Family. Gelman is joined by actors Tony Roberts (Annie Hall, Serpico) and Patti LuPone (Broadway’s Evita, Life Goes On, GIRLS), among others yet to be announced. The special is once again written by Gelman and directed by Eagleheart producer Jason Woliner.

To give you (kind of?) an idea what to expect, here’s a clip from Dinner With Friends:

Dinner With Family With Brett Gelman And Brett Gelman’s Family premiere’s on Friday, February 13 at 12:30am on Adult Swim.

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