The Gang Group Dates opens with Dee proclaiming she has a boyfriend to the rest of the cast. She found him on “Bunchers,” a group dating site/app. Charlie asks the gang if they can teach him how to win over the waitress by teaching him their ways during some group dates. Mac gets swept in with Charlie under Dennis’ “guidance” while Frank reminisces about his glorious days in the orgies era. Immediately the tone is set for this sure to be disastrous romp in to the online dating world.

After the gang decides to host a slew of Bunchers dates at Paddy’s, increasing business while going on dates, Dennis explains his fake dog ploy to Charlie and Mac. It’s just another “D” in the now famous “Dennis System,” used to demonstrate Dennis’ value as a compassionate man that will end up getting the girls to go back to his apartment. Needless to say Mac and Charlie don’t understand the gimmick and end up flubbing the whole thing as well as their group date. Meanwhile Dee runs in to her “boyfriend” and learns that he had no idea they were dating. Scorned Dee heads to the internet to alter the five-star rating that she gave her non-boyfriend.


Dennis, Charlie and Mac all become interested in this guy rating system when Dee explains it. Mac and Charlie are content with their two star rating while Dennis cannot comprehend his low one star rating. So begins Dennis’ mental break. With Dennis blaming Charlie and Mac for his low rating he heads out to go on group dates by himself and Frank steps in to help the two-starers. Dennis of course becomes obsessed with his rating and is unable to talk about anything other than his rating causing all of his dates to implode as he looks even more insane than normal! Hard to believe but true! While his mental state degrades he is subjected to Dee bringing home multitudes of guys with the sole intent of rating them as one-stars, even if they are awesome. This process seems to be helping Dee deal with things while Dennis eventually becomes so broken he begins to destroy his long coveted sex-tape collection!

The craziness of Dee and Dennis’ story lines are lightened up and balanced by Charlie, Frank and Mac’s dating escapades. With Frank’s guidance they end up making a list of topics to avoid and with the use of a whistle call off their dates any time one of them says something they deem incorrect. After a high number of hilariously disastrous and short dates the trio end up hitting it off with some girls, then freaking out because they have never gotten that far in a date. While Charlie continues to practice with Frank and Mac Dennis turns to the Waitress to increase his rating. Their interaction is one of the best moments of the episode.

Needless to say no one ends up getting what they want. Charlie and Mac may have gotten better at dating but that’s as good as it gets for the gang. Frank never got the orgies he desired, Dennis remains horribly rated and Dee learns that she didn’t have the power she thought. With hilarious monologues, mental breaks, a fantastic montage and a perfect balance between all the characters It’s Always Sunny continues to be one of the must watch comedies this season.

Do you know how many episodes the “Dennis System” has been in?

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