GOTHAM Recap – “What The Little Bird Told Him”

Following last week’s near-disaster of an episode that revolved around a too-soon-introduced Arkham Asylum, Fox’s Gotham returned to fantastic form this week. This show excels when it leaves the Bat-Lore on the back burner, and instead focuses on being a nice, gritty crime drama set inside Gotham City. The show shines on the shoulders of Ben McKenzie’s portrayal of Jim Gordon, and never more-so than when his faith and honor as an officer of the law are questioned.

But this week’s episode, “What The Little Bird Told Him” was about much more than Gordon and his return to the GCPD from his stint inside Arkham. Instead, this week was all about Gotham City’s criminal element shaking things out so we can honestly see who stands where…and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney was forced to realize she is truly not ready for the big chair. As she attempted to unseat Carmine Falcone for control of the entire Gotham crime family, her plan exploded in her face, with The Penguin finally turning on her and revealing her sordid scheme to Don Falcone.


With Fish now in the custody of Carmine Falcone, the stage is set for Penguin’s coming out party. The next few weeks will prove crucial for this character, which has been a ton of fun to watch onscreen, being brilliantly played by Robin Lord Taylor. With Gordon back at the GCPD and Falcone re-asserting his hand as boss of the city, Gotham is back on track as must-see weekly television.

Fans, what do you make of the fall of Fish Mooney?!

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