Gotham Mid-Season Premiere Recap – “Rogues Gallery”

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As Fox’s Gotham returns from its mid-season hiatus, all eyes were on the program to continue what had been a relatively strong freshman season thus far. With Detective Jim Gordon sent packing to guard duty at the infamous Arkham Asylum, the show was again seeking to broaden its scope by taking us inside arguably one of Gotham City’s most notorious landmarks. All the discussions of crime families seeking to better position themselves by gaining more land in the new Arkham district that’s being proposed was instead set aside. And for one night, during the return of what  had been Fall TV’s best new show, we got to go inside Arkham Asylum alongside Jim Gordon, and it was a trip that just didn’t need to be taken…yet.

While its understandable that the show continues to follow Gordon as he stands fast in his attempt to clean up the GCPD and the city itself, its completely unnecessary to continue to try and introduce more back-catalog Batman heroes and villains into an already over-crowded television show. With Gordon inside Arkham, the writers thought it would be fun to knock around some more “inside” characters, even going as far as to, yet again, even tease The Joker being inside Arkham in a scene with escaped inmates running down a hallway.


Oh, that’s right, one episode into being inside Arkham, and we have already had all the inmates get loose. Talk about jumping the shark…this show is seriously starting to hurt itself on a weekly basis with decisions like this. A riot inside Arkham would’ve made for a great season-ending cliffhanger and not a weekly flush of the toilet.

Gotham has worked best when it remains true to it’s initial intent: a show about Jim Gordon trying to find his way inside Gotham City. But as it reaches too far and wide with episodes like “Rogues Gallery,” the show instead gets lost in trying to make it feel bigger than it actually is. Hopefully this outing was not indicative of what’s to come, as Gotham is already too full of too many Batman baddies, and rather is at it’s best as it fleshes out the workings of Gotham City’s inner criminal family elements.

Maybe Gotham would have been better served as a mini series, you think? It’s starting to feel more and more like filler, and less and less like substance.

Fans, are you still interested in Gotham?

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