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GLEE: “Jagged Little Tapestry” Review

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Glee returned to form in this week’s episode, “Jagged Little Tapestry”, pulling out many old tricks, including its most (in)famous one, The Mashup, this time mashing up songs from Carole King’s “Tapestry” and Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill”. (Sidebar: Did the producers get a good deal on Alanis music this season? Cuz there’s a lot of it.) Really, this just served to showcase how upset Kurt (Chris Colfer) is over his breakup with Blaine (Darren Criss), while also being used as an object lesson in the Glee Club to show Kurt and Rachel (Lea Michele) how to work together as teachers. Which is still ridiculous.


But a lot of the mashups really worked, especially Brittany’s (Heather Morris) and Santana’s (Naya Rivera) duet of King’s “I Feel the Earth Move” and Morrisette’s “One Hand in My Pocket”, that ended with the inevitable proposal. Kurt protests, claiming that Brittany and Santana are too young to get married, since he and Blaine were. He gets shut down pretty quickly, and this leads to one of my favorite moments of the episode: Santana going off on him in a classic Santana rant breaking down all of the things that are wrong with him. I’ve missed those rants.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Santana and Brittany are still around because almost all of the Glee Club alums are still there: Quinn (Dianna Agron), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), and Puck (Mark Salling) are all there this week, though why Puck is there is a mystery to me, since he doesn’t contribute anything at all to the episode. When one of the new kids questions how they’re able to just stay and hang out (a question we’re all asking at home), Brittany responds that she can bend space and time with her mind. This is both perfectly Brittany, and gets the writers out of answering that question.

This is one thing I’m enjoying about the final season: the writers are acknowledging all the illogical and annoying things about the show. Towards the beginning of the episode, after a non-Glee club related musical number, Kurt comments to Rachel about how he had a fantasy where he and Blaine were singing all over town, explaining the scene away. Towards the end, Tina remarks that she wishes a guy would look at her the way Becky Jackson’s (Lauren Potter) boyfriend looks at her, and Brittany’s response is perfect: “I blocked your voice months ago because it’s always depressing and all about you.” That pretty much sums it up.


Speaking of Becky, it was quite a delight to see her back in form, calling the girls bitches and whores and generally being a jerk to everyone. Classic Becky. This is one of the two side storylines that is heavy on social commentary. Becky has a boyfriend, Darrell (Justin Prentice), and this boyfriend doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome, like Becky. Naturally everyone is suspicious of his intentions, and Sue (Jane Lynch) even has an intervention about it, giving us a chance to see NeNe Leakes back again for one scene (I knew they’d bring everyone back this season!). But Darrell calls them all out on the hypocrisy of wanting and encouraging Becky to have a “normal” life, but balking when she has a “normal” boyfriend. It’s a bit of a weird storyline, but it gave us some fun moments.

The other social storyline involved Coach Bieste (Dot-Marie Jones). Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Spencer (Marshall Williams) suspect something is up with the football coach, since she’s been missing a lot of practice and is taking a lot of pills. As it turns out, Coach Bieste has Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and is taking steps to transition into becoming a man. Heavy stuff to handle in the final season, but to its credit, Glee has never shied away from these tough, social issues. And while I always enjoy Sue as a crazy dictator who hates the arts, this storyline gave us a chance to see her as the kind, caring person we occasionally know her to be, which was lovely to see.


Meanwhile, back at the Glee Club, Kurt and Rachel continue to disagree about how to teach, but eventually reach a compromise, since Kurt can be the harsh critic that the kids need to make it to the top (especially by the end of the season!), and Rachel is the encouraging one, letting them know when they’ve done well.

I wasn’t thrilled that Glee decided to return to “theme” weeks, but even with the theme, nothing felt particularly forced and it was an overall excellent episode.

Best line of the episode: “When I picture you two having sex, I picture a U-Haul mounting a moped.” -Brittany, in regards to Blaine and Karofsky (Max Adler). Same, Brit. Totes same.

What are your thoughts about the final season so far?

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