Check Out The February PREVIEWS Catalog

A new month means a new PREVIEWS catalog! As the title suggests, the catalog gives readers a sneak peek of what’s in store on the comic book forefront (and other geeky goodies).

FRONT COVER: DC Comics’, “Convergence”


Heroes from throughout the Multiverse are trapped by Brainiac and forced into battle in DC Comics’, “Convergence.”










BACK COVER: Dark Horse Comics, “Rebels”


A young family is caught up in America’s revolution against the British in Brian Wood‘s new historical comic for Dark Horse Comics, “Rebels.” So if you are a history buff and comic book fan, this comic might be for you; go check it out!












The February PREVIEWS Features (courtesy of the press release):

Black History Month — February is National Black History Month, and in PREVIEWS we showcase comics
and graphic novels that feature black main characters, are created by African-American creators, or
document the black experience in America.

Gems of the Month — February’s PREVIEWS Gems of the Month include: America’s favorite teens find
themselves hunted by one of science-fiction cinema’s greatest monsters in Dark Horse Comics‘ “Archie Vs. Predator #1.” Lynda Carter’s television Wonder Woman returns for new adventures in DC Comics‘  “Wonder Woman ’77 Special #1”; the richest duck in Duckburg is still looking out for the Number One Dime in “Uncle Scrooge #1” from IDW Publishing; Todd McFarlane explores questions of faith and power
in Image Comics‘ Savior; and a new era dawns for Black Bolt in Marvel Comics’ “Uncanny Inhumans #0.”
PREVIEWS Exclusive Apparel — Each month PREVIEWS offers comic book fans and pop culture
aficionados a selection of t-shirts and other apparel that can only be found in your local comic shop! The
many faces of Harley Quinn are featured on the Harley Quinn: “Cells” T-Shirt, tag along with Rocket
Raccoon with the Guardians of the Galaxy: “We Are Groot” T-Shirt, summon the thunder with the DC
Heroes: Black Adam “Lightning” T-Shirt, plus many other fan-favorite properties. Whatever you need to
look sharp this spring, PREVIEWS has you covered!

Source: Diamond Comic Distributors

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