Blair Underwood Joins AGENTS OF SHIELD as Agent May’s Ex-Beau

Agent May isn’t exactly the coziest person to warm up to in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, making her past personal life a subject rarely touched. But there are moments where she indicates that she is still just human, and therefore, has made some bad personal choices (Ward, anyone?). In one episode this season, May nodded to the fact that she used to be married. Guess who she used to be married to? LA Law’s own Blair Underwood!

blair underwoodAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, this two-time Golden Globe nominee has joined the cast of SHIELD as Agent May’s estranged ex-husband, Dr. Andrew Garner.

THR continues to say that Andrew Garner will be a recurring role in Marvel’s superhero drama and will make his debut sometime in March when the show returns from winter break. Underwood is scheduled to start filming this week.

Blair Underwood will join the list of many high-profile actors that have come into the Agents of SHIELD fold this season, including Lucy Lawless, Kyle MacLachlan and Adrianne Palicki, among others.

The arrival of May’s ex could lend so many opportunities to peal away at the prickly agent’s closely guarded layers. Since the second season started, we’ve barely scratched the surface with what makes Melinda May human while everyone else received a ton of complex and compelling new layers. Sure, our love for Agent May started when she was just a ruthless badass with a moral compass of a cyborg, but now we want more. Over this past season, we’ve been given little tidbits of information that this lady used to be someone completely different. Andrew Garner’s presence on the show could very well open those can of worms.

Agents of SHIELD will return to ABC on March 3, 2015.

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