Best Moments From The First Half of The Walking Dead Season 5

The first half of season 5 of The Walking Dead provided some great moments, along with sad ones, so lets take a look back at the great ones. The season started off quite fast and insane, then somewhat mellowed out and then ended with a shock that hit us all right in the feels. (Also, check out this awesome Walking Dead gift guide that I put together here).

Now…for my list:

Carol’s Rambo moments/The first episode: Carol’s growth has been one of the best things about the show. She went from damaged and tortured thanks to her asshole husband to strong, independent, badass and willing to whatever to keep others and herself safe. Of course, this growth had to be done even better by making her the savior for Rick and the group who were in Terminus. She blew stuff up, caused walker mayhem and was the sole reason why everyone from the group made it out of there alive. The premiere episode had bloodshed, plenty of walker kills and the reunions we were all waiting for. Also, that trough that had a few random guys, including Sam from season 4, and Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob kneeled down was quite a OMG moment. Sam and the random guys had their throats slit and heads bashed in with bats. Luckily of course, Carol’s awesome badassness from the outside helped saved them. Rick also cut up the plastic wire cuffs and killed two Terminus guys with full force. After the group makes it out we get the reunions we were all waiting for. Daryl running at Carol and hugging her, while Rick then embraced her as well and Carol took the group to Tyreese who was with Judith in a shed with a Terminus guy (who he said he killed). Rick and Carl both ran to Judith and shared a beautiful moment. Sasha and Tyreese embraced each other beautifully as well. Only reunion missing was the one with Beth that we’d all hoped would happen eventually.

Morgan’s brief, but wonderful appearances: Morgan appeared right at the end of the premiere episode (it was a after credits scene) showing how close he was getting to Rick and the group. He looked like he was doing pretty good and seemed determined to follow some marking on trees. Then he appeared again at the end of the mid season finale and he was literally as close as possible to the group. He even showed up at the Father Gabriel’s church, but of course nobody was in it. He then finds the map that Abraham had given Rick before he left with his group and Glenn and Maggie, and noticed it had Rick’s name on it. Suddenly we see Morgan get a shocked look on his face. HE’S SO CLOSE!! DAMN IT HE’S SO CLOSE! Lets hope the group does actually head to Washington, because it looks like Morgan might just do that.

Tainted meat! Tainted meat!: The moment, that people who read the comics, were waiting for happened. In the comics it happened to Dale, but in the show Bob is the one who loses his leg. He then screams out tainted meat over and over as Gareth and the surviving members of Terminus looked at him with Shock. It was definitely an epic moment. A moment that made us all love Bob even more. Screw you Gareth and Terminus folks! R.I.P Bob, we love you.

The end of the Terminus folks: They definitely had an agenda. They wanted to ruin Rick and the group. Since they are cannibals, they thought Rick and the group would be perfect to eat. They ruined Terminus, so Gareth and his folks decided it was time to get them back. Little did they know, Rick and a few of the group members were ready to end these guys and they did. In brutal fashion, they slaughtered the Terminus folks in the church. Rick used the machete with a red handle that he promised he’d kill Gareth with.

Carol and Daryl’s episode together: We finally got an episode that only had Carol and Daryl and we saw their friendship grow even more. They were on a mission to find Beth. They ran into Noah who escaped the hospital that currently still had Beth, and he took their weapons. But when Daryl and Carol realized he knows where Beth is, they let him stick around. Only to see Carol get run over and taken to the hospital, but then Daryl took Noah back to the church and they all got together and went with a game plan to get Beth. In this episode we got the moments we’d all wondered about back in season 4 when Carol was banished from the group. We saw how she managed on her own and how she went back to the prison.

Beth ending Gorman’s life: That man was all sorts of creepy and awful and Beth was at the tail end of this guys ridiculous antics. As he was assaulting and getting nearer to doing even worse things to her, she gets him to the floor and the woman who was on the floor dead, turned into a walker and got to Gorman. It was the start to a different Beth. She was gaining more confidence in herself. We unfourtunately saw her gain a little bit too much confidence that resulted in Dawn shooting her in the head as she was about too kill her with scissors. It was the shock moment of the mid season finale. Hit us all right in the feels. It was brutal and marked yet another end to a character who showed hope. We can all rest easy thought, she’s with her dad Hershel. Sadly, Maggie didn’t get too reunite with Beth. She saw Daryl carrying her lifeless body out of the hospital and broke down.

Rick killing new Bob and saying “shut up” right after: I think we all knew new Bob was not going to be a reliable guy. He seemed too nice and looked as if he was fooling everyone. When he suddenly bashes Sasha’s head into a window and runs off, Rick drives after him in a car. He speeds up and hits him, sending him flying. Rick comes out and they exchange some words with Rick saying, “You can’t go back, Bob” which was something Gareth told our beloved Bob. Rick then shoots new Bob and after that he says, “shut up”. Rick is back to himself and does not give a damn anymore. It’s all survival now. You endanger the group and him, you’re done.

Eugene lied: Comic book readers knew this was the case, but whoever hadn’t read the comics, might’ve been fooled and thought he was being truthful. He finally revealed it and got a beating from Abraham, but lived. It was cool seeing so much of the situations from the comics being brought into the show this season. It’s going to change the group so much now. Will they even go to Washington now? It set up a potentially rough path for the rest of the season. It’ll be exciting too see if they’ll actually head to Washington anyways or if they’ll stick around. This was a pivotal moment, that eventually brought that group back to the church. They’re all together now! Time to NEVER split up again, because nothing good comes out of that and I think they’ve realized it now.

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What are your favorite moments from the first half of season 5? Did your favorites make my list? Think I missed a key moment? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!



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