AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9: Spider-Verse Part One Delivers the Goods – Comic Review

If you haven’t been reading Spider-Man, this would be the issue to jump aboard. Amazing Spider-Man #9 is the first part to the highly-ambitious Spider-verse event concocted by writer Dan Slott. This may be the end-all-be-all event that Spider-Man has needed for too long and every Spider-Man and -Women you can think of will make an appearance. So, what exactly is bringing about this event?

To put Spider-verse simply, the Spider-characters across the multiverse need to fight back against the Inheritors, and the only way is to come together led by our Spider-Man of Earth-616. The Inheritors are a powerful family who feed off the different Spiders (aka Spider-Totem avatars) throughout the multiverse, and Peter Parker is the only one to survive and defeat an Inheritor, specifically Morlun. Seems like a bit much for Peter Parker, who is a character meant to balance his life between masked heroism and normal everyday responsibility.


Slott handles this issue perfectly, beginning with a day-in-the-life style Spidey comics are known for by many and sets up the villainous threat. Exposition is handled with small blurbs for the slew of Spider-characters and Spidey’s cluelessness–catching up Spidey via other characters with fun conversations instead of outright bland narrative exposition. The action and tension hits fairly early in the issue and shows the reader what’s at stake. The situation is dire. After the mainline story, readers are treated to an epilogue focused on the Inheritors. It’s not quite necessary but does give insight to the relationship between the family. Overall, it will be tough for readers not to want the next issue.

Spidey’s regular penciler, Humberto Ramos, takes a break so this story can get the Marvel event treatment by the talented Olivier Coipel. Coipel’s artwork looks fantastic and gives Spider-verse more weight as a serious event. His pencils and inks with colors by Justin Ponsor wishes this was how Spidey comics looked all the time, not to take away from Ramos–who is talented and brings the fun, animated look that works for Spidey as well. However, Coipel’s style is definitely refreshing to see on the page.

Though this appears to be an overwhelming event, its execution brings you to speed on what’s important to know but focuses on the current moment to entertain and progress the adventure. Amazing Spider-Man #9 is great for Spidey fans and works for a casual reader just looking for loads of Spidey-fun.

The Amazing Spider-Man #9
Published by Marvel Comics

Spider-verse Part One: The Gathering
Written by Dan Slott
Illustrated by Olivier Coipel
Colors by Justin Ponsor

Spider-verse: The Feast
Written by Dan Slott
Pencils by Guiseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith
Colors by Antonio Fabela

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