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Weekly Pull List: 11/26/2014 BATMAN, GOTHAM, INHUMAN

[tps_title]DC Comics[/tps_title]

Batman-Eternal-Vol-01Batman Eternal TPB Vol. 01

Scott Snyder (w)
Jason Fabok (a)
Various Others (w/a)

The weekly series Batman Eternal collected for the first time. The world building series that has expanded both Gotham and the characters that reside within it is a must have for any Snyder or Bat-family fan. This book debuts old and new characters’ first appearances in the New 52. Stephanie Brown, otherwise known as Spoiler, makes her first appearance in this collection. This series falls directly after the events of Forever Evil, so if you have been waiting to find out how Gotham will carry on without Nightwing, or any other casualties, this is the place.

Collects Batman Eternal #1-20

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