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Weekly Pull List: 11/26/2014 BATMAN, GOTHAM, INHUMAN

[tps_title]Vertigo Comics[/tps_title]

American-Vampire-06American Vampire TPB Vol. 06

Scott Snyder (w)
Rafael Albuquerque (a)

This very popular horror comic series is the book that got Snyder his job as the current Batman scribe. This collection contains the “lost tales” of the American Vampire world, the one-shots focusing on new and old fan favorite characters. This is one of my favorite on going series on the market, if you like anything else by Snyder this is absolutely worth looking in to.


This seems to be a well balanced list this week with multiple collections and singles. I can’t wait to read the Inhuman and Batman Eternal collections!

Do you prefer singles or collections when reading your favorite series?

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