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Weekly Pull List: 11/26/2014 BATMAN, GOTHAM, INHUMAN

[tps_title]Marvel Comics[/tps_title]

Inhuman-01Inhuman TPB Vol. 01 Genesis

Charles Soule (w)
Joe Maduriera (a)

In the aftermath of Black Bolt releasing the Terrigan Mist on the Earth, many average humans are becoming inhumans. This is the first time the new series Inhuman is collected in one place. As the Inhuman Queen Medusa scoures the world to find her new subjects and offer them protection, others are looking for the newly formed inhumans for less noble purposes. Follow the newly formed inhuman Flint and his NuHumans as they fight the Unspoken for the future of inhumans everywhere! This is the next potential big Marvel franchise so be sure to get in while the getting is good!

Collects Inhuman #1-6

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