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Victory Fanfare: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

I’ve been wanting to talk about Ghost Trick Phantom Detective for quite some time. I first played it when it was released and eventually came back to finish the job. My opinions haven’t changed much about this game but I’m no longer playing games in completely in awe of everything. I’m more realistic. I know what I’m looking for in new games that I would never get in the old games I usually do play. So, let’s get started shall we?

The Good:
Ghost Trick is from the mind of Shu Takumi, and much like the Ace Attorney games he worked on, this is absolutely brilliant. What I mean by this is it’s a very smart, witty story following you. Sissel, a man who has recently passed on, finds his spirit is now able to move forward in time to see someone’s death, then go back four minutes earlier to help prevent their doom. You’re immediately introduced to this mechanic, and it’s absolutely a ton of fun, but sometimes this game can get pretty frustrating.

The Bad
The four-minute limit is sometimes not enough your first time around, or maybe even your second or third. What?! Are you serious?! I figured this out, and I did everything I could think of, and I’m still not passing it?! You’ve got to be kidding me!! Oh, I’m dumb, shoulda known to takeover the pup..Sorry for that bit of randomness, but honestly that’s how I felt sometimes. I had thought I exhausted every possible thing I could do only to realize sometimes the answer was right in front of me. I’m sorry Ghost Trick, I’m just not as smart as I thought I was!

The Ugly:
Honestly, I’m at a loss here, I don’t think anything in this game is ugly. My only complaints are due to my own shortcomings–y’know, being a dumb-dumb. Other than that, this game is fantastic. Definitely a must own for any DS owner, oh, and what’s this? It’s also available in the Apple App Store. So, I don’t think you have any reason not to play this game.

Well, there you have it! I can’t think of any bad things at all. Honestly, if you’re a fan of the Ace Attorney games you would love this game. It has a similar style of humor and the art work is fantastic. Sissel has become one of my favorite characters ever because he’s just so damn cool.

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