THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Prom Equivalency” Recap

It’s a rare thing when I find myself without words following episodes of any given TV show, but it does happen every now and again: most recently “Ozymandias” from Breaking Bad, the finale of The Sopranos years ago, and the finale of Justice League Unlimited animated series (Lex Luthor leaves Earth with Darkseid?!), all still resonate with me. Whether for their shock value (The Sopranos) or for their conclusions of legendary storytelling (Breaking Bad), episodes like those transcend television and entertainment, and become something truly special. And this episode of The Big Bang Theory has joined that great pantheon, at least for this Agent of Geek.

The Prom Equivalency” begins innocently enough, a girls night, with plenty of alcohol and  inside Penny’s apartment, but it quickly gets right down to business, with some great jokes about Penny’s Nebraska upbringing, followed by the decision to hold an impromptu prom on the roof of the apartment building.

And for those of you keeping score at home, the apartment building has produced some of the best moments of the entire series: bouncing a laser off the moon, Howard and Bernadette’s wedding that was officiated by the entire gang, and now it holds the moment where we all get convinced Penny is truly in love with Leonard, ever as much as he loves her. The time they spend alone on the roof to close the episode is a moment we can all relate to, something we have all experienced in our lives: one on one time with someone we care about, all alone like there’s no one else in the world. It’s a moment where time stands still, and for Leonard and Penny this week was their moment. And it was a moment that paid dividends for fans like me, with the years we have had invested with these two it finally feels like they are destined to be together.


We also get to meet Howard’s infamous cousin” the second cousin he lost his virginity to at the age of 15. Only she’s dating Stewart now, and Howard can’t handle it. Bernadette, always supporting her man, stole this entire scene by taking up for Howard as only she can: loud and proud. In fact, as far as comedy went for this week, Bernadette stole every scene she was in, including the opening scene with a remark about Penny’s prom dress.

Far and away, however, the biggest development in the show’s history occurred tonight, as only it should: with Sheldon. Startled at the sight of Amy shining in her prom dress, Sheldon has an anxiety attack that oddly enough leads to another breakthrough for the Sheldon Cooper character: he declares his love for Amy, openly and honestly. It’s a truly heartwarming moment for not only the odd couple, but again for fans of the show across the world. Years of watching Sheldon struggle with emotion and intimacy and relationships finally comes to a head, and Sheldon crashes through the glass ceiling. It is a game-changer for not only Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper, but for the best comedy on television right now, The Big Bang Theory.


Are you loving the new season of The Big Bang Theory?

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