THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Champagne Reflection” Recap

As we near the mid-season finale for Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory, all signs point to the show remaining strong. However, every now and again, you get an episode like “The Champagne Reflection” that feels more like filler than it does substance. We’ve said before that it can be hard to come up with 22+ episodes of weekly television that are all fantastic and A+ viewings, so last week’s airing falls on the short side. With that said, lets take a quick look at how the gang rolled just prior to Thanksgiving 2014.

The guys are assigned with cleaning out the office of a dearly departed collegue, only to find a bottle of champagne that the deceased professor had been keeping that was given to him by his mother, to be opened in celebration of his first big discovery. This causes Howard, Raj, and Leonard to rethink their career paths, hoping never to end up like the man whose stuff they are now tasked to go through, with mountains of papers and nothing to show for it. But they did make off with the champagne, vowing to honor the purpose of the gift should they ever make a great contribution to one of their fields.

Sheldon, however, was not present to help with the cleanup. Instead he was ending his web show, Fun With Flags. In a hilarious look back, we got to see Amy and Sheldon in some great scenes, including discussions of flags from Australia and The United States. Even Levar Burton made two cameos on the show, with Sheldon promising to delete his contact information upon completion of his final appearance. But the entire Flags wrap up story was anchored by the great Mayim Bialik, again stealing the scene as Amy Farrah Fowler.

And the emotional center this week revolved around Bernadette’s discovery that none of her co workers like her. In fact, they are all deathly afraid of her. It was a reality check of sorts for Bernie, who has always though of herself as sweet and kindly, and only vindictive and confrontational when she is backed into a corner. Penny helped her navigate these uncharted waters, with some great guest starring support from Stephen Root (Office Space‘s Milton!), and in the end, Bernadette realized it’s time for a change.

All in all, a minor side step for The Big Bang Theory last week, but that’s OK. It’s a show that thrives when either the entire cast is taken out of its element, or we get combinations of characters who don’t normally perform together (Howard and Amy, Sheldon and Penny). This week the Penny and Bernadette story, along with the guys cleaning out the office at school, fell a bit flat, but Sheldon Cooper and Fun With Flags saved the day in the end.

Fans, are you still tuning in for Season 8?

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