Star Wars: The Clone Wars is no doubt, one of the best things to come out of the franchise that is Star Wars. It showed us a new side to the SU and also introduced some new characters like Ahsoka Tano which has since become a fan favorite. It was pretty successful and ran for 5 seasons… then got cancelled out of nowhere? It’s sad, but true. There wasn’t a nicely wrapped up conclusion either. It left on a cliff hanger and then just left. Fans were upset, but a little over a year later, something magical happened. Netflix announced it would air The Clone Wars sixth and final season, titled, “The Lost Missions”. I freaked out, just like everyone else. Fast forward a bit faster and now that Netflix-only season is finally on Blu-ray! I’m here to review it and to tell you a bit more about what to expect from this release.


Against a backdrop of ever-shifting loyalties, uneasy alliances and ancient hostilities, the conflict between the Republic and the Separatists ramps up, setting the stage for Darth Sidious’ ultimate act of treachery against the Jedi. In these uncertain times, some of the deepest mysteries of the light and dark sides of the Force are revealed as an intrepid clone trooper uncovers a shocking conspiracy, Anakin Skywalker’s closest relationship is tested to its limits, and Master Yoda makes a discovery that could forever change the balance of power in the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions is a bitter sweet season seeing as it’s the shows last, but it really shows in the quality. The story, the effects, and everything really, is all on point. And this is just 13 episodes opposed to it’s normal 22 episode seasons. Some fans have complained of filler episodes, but I haven’t heard one complaint about The Lost Missions. It’s a perfect wrap up to, as I imagine it, a now classic. And in Blu-ray? Even better! I don’t usually buy TV shows in the Blu-ray format, but The Clone Wars looks, somehow, even greater in high-def. Also, with the Blu-ray, you get four additional story reels from The Lost Missions which, in my opinion, makes it worth the buy instantly because of that.

Bonus Features: Never Before Seen 16-Minute Documentary Covering All Six Seasons and four additional story reels from “The Lost Missions” Season (Blu-ray only)

Ratings: TV-PG

Feature Run Time: Approx. 287 minutes

Aspect Ratio: 1:78 (Widescreen)

Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital

Languages: English, French & Spanish

Subtitles: English, French & Spanish

StarWarsTheCloneWarsTheLostMissionsBlurayStar Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions will be available on Blu-ray and DVD 11/11.

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