SONS OF ANARCHY “What a Piece of Work Is Man” Episode Recap

What a Piece of Work is Man, the ninth episode of the final season of Sons of Anarchy, increases inner turmoil of the main players while finding new enemies in old friends. As a resolution between August Marks and SAMCRO is nearly reached, the Club is fractured further and the police, normally a non-threatening entity, begin to close in on the Club. Some of these new enemies are even more dangerous as they remain hidden from Jax and the Sons.

At the beginning of the episode Jax has Wendy take his sons, Abel and Thomas, north to the cabin to a more secure and singular location. During this scene Abel is once again defiant, refusing to eat, ignoring his manners and eventually leaves the room to avoid interacting with Gemma. Upon hearing that he won’t be going to school but to the cabin, he asks, seemingly nonchalantly (for a five year old), if someone else has died. The calm tone of his voice and deadpan stare is eerie, something straight out of a horror movie.

Jax heads to the cabin ahead of his family to get the dead Preacher’s phone from his son. He plans to use the videos on the phone as a bartering chip with August Marks. If Marks has the phone, he will have leverage, proving that the Preacher’s son and wife won’t be able to touch him and ruin their property deal. Tyler is asked to set up a meet with Marks or his lieutenant to exchange the leverage and the Preacher’s body for Bobby. The Preacher’s son makes a weak attempt at running in an SUV, hoping to turn himself over to Marks instead of his mother. Jax explains, with a few swift smacks to the head, that Marks would just torture the man to find his mother. Soon after this, the Indian Hills Charter leaders briefly meet with Chibs and Jax to inform them that they are gathering the other charters to discuss what the murder, as they see it, of their President. After Jax dismisses their allegations, they head out. With everything else that is going on, Jax is seemingly aware that there is nothing he can do about the other charters for the time being and continues to focus on other more pressing issues.


Wayne catches Gemma before she heads to the cabin and informs her that Sheriff Jarry is going to ask her to corroborate Chris Dun’s name. Gemma is then told by Ratboy that Jax wants Gemma to ID Dun’s mug shot. She heads to the Police department to meet with Jarry and ID the Asian that Jax and the Club killed earlier in the season. Jarry asks Gemma if she ever told Juice who Dun was, as he also placed him at the murder of Tara. After feeling pestered, Gemma confronts Jarry about being in the Clubs pocket and sleeping with Chibs. There is a physical confrontation between the two women that leaves Jarry stewing in her office. Later, the Sheriff shows up at Wayne’s to inform him that she knows the club is lying. She found solid information that Dun was in the drunk tank at a local precinct the night of Tara’s murder. Dun could not have been the killer yet two SAMCRO affiliates have placed her at the crime. Wayne tells Jarry to keep that new information hidden from the Club until the two of them can determine what the Club is lying about. He could have said this to protect the Club, to hurt them, or to protect individual members on both sides. The ex-cops allegiances have yet to be thoroughly tested this season through his careful work, but he is running out of ways to avoid choosing sides. Jarry makes a few calls after her talk with Wayne and gets Juice moved to isolation in prison, preventing him from getting to and killing Lin. This will not only stop more people from dying but possibly give Jarry a little leverage over the Club.


Jax and the Club later meet Marks and his gang on neutral ground to trade the leverage for Bobby. Marks agrees to Jax’s proposal that everyone other than the two leaders, and the things/people they are trading, leave the area. After determining neither Jax nor Marks have weapons, the two men and their bargaining chips are left alone. Marks inspects the body of the dead preacher, not noticing that the Club has sewn the Preacher’s head and arm on to a different body. Bobby tries to tell Jax that there is a gun in his belt as Marks is handing him over. Having expected this Marks had broken Bobby’s jaw to prevent an easy warning. Marks pulls the gun from Bobby’s belt, threatening Jax but ultimately shooting Bobby in the head as punishment for Jax’s unapproved retaliation against the Chinese. The various Club members are seen mourning Bobby, some quietly smoking, others crying. He was widely considered the “good one” among the Sons. Bobby’s body is taken to the cabin to be buried and looked after. Gemma asks for some time alone with Bobby which she uses to apologize as he was indirectly killed because of her. Abel sees and hears this, reminiscent of when he caught her confessing her murder to Thomas a few episodes prior. Abel was already growing distant from her, what will this do to his psyche and relationship with his family?

Chibs delivers Sheriff Jarry information and a map to the Preacher’s headless body on August’s land. In one of the strangest scenes of the last few episodes, Jarry challenges Chibs to prove his affection for her by “taking” her on the hood of her police car in a public parking lot. After some hesitation Chibs obliges. If it comes down to the Club or Jarry someone will surely be disappointed by Chibs. After unearthing the Preacher’s body the Police apprehend Marks. Jax and Chibs are waiting outside of his building to make sure Marks sees them and knows who put him in to Police custody. With one Son in the dirt, Marks behind bars, Lin temporarily safe, and the police closing in on Tara’s real killer, next episode could head in any direction. How many more supports can be destroyed before the whole Club crumbles?!

Sons of Anarchy airs TUESDAYS  at 10 PM E/P on FX.

Starting this week until the end of the season Anarchy Afterword will air immediately after Sons of Anarchy.

Who do you think will be the next Son to drop?

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